After a long await, here comes the first song from the year’s much anticipated film Dhoom 3Titled ‘Dhoom Machale Dhoom’, this song features Bollywood’s sensational beauty Katrina Kaif, this time in an ultra glamorous avatar!

So, get ready to dance like never before with the dazzling acrobat dancer – Aaliya. Check out the video right here:

Katrina Kaif in a still from Dhoom:3
Katrina Kaif in a still from Dhoom:3

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  1. kya hai ye, repetation of dhoom. no originality,could have tried alittle different.and kat cannot match hrithik in item number would have been better with creative and fresh music.listeners are no fools to hear same music again & again with different lyrics

  2. Great song, way better than all Krrish 3’s songs ! And anyway, hates predicted that CE and K3 were going to be flops…so I don’t really trust them this time ^^

  3. bekar tareen song tha. it looks like we are listening same old theme song of d1 in worst style. i know that film will be superhit and story will be too good. but they should have to focus on music also.

  4. Where is Hrithik Roshan (Krishh) who could have saved us from this Dhoom 3 disaster.Uncle Aamir looks too old , short and hunched in those ill fitted suits (anyway nothing suits when one is old).He has same expression in all the scenes as if wants to prove something .There is no need to have such irritating expression on your face when everyone knows that you are meant to steal money or diamonds and that type of stealing sequences are already perfected by Hrithik in Dhoom2 and that too with style, poise and surprise that caught audience unawares.Here Old man Aamir looks himself surprised to be part of the movie with audience already knowing what is the surprise. A RAMGOPAL KI AAG in making or may be anotherBESHARAM.