Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Calling a spade a spade, ‘bindaas’ girl Taapsee Pannu is the first to agree that when she saw the promos of her debut Hindi flick Chashme Baddoor, she was a tad taken aback. Though she found it funny, she had all the right reasons to believe that it could have been funnier. Reason being that after working on the film, she believed that there were number of rip-roaring scenes that were not even touched upon in the promo.

“I just thought that may be it was a strategy on the part of the makers. May be there was a limit to which they wanted to show in the First Look so that audience had a lot more to enjoy when the entire film is out”, says Taapsee, “So on one side I was thinking that the promo could have been much better while on the other I felt that it was good in a way because people would step in with certain expectations and then get thrilled with a lot more that they end up seeing.”

Though her thoughts kept fluctuating in the early days of the film’s promotion, she didn’t share her apprehensions with director David Dhawan.

“Arrey aisa nahi kar sakte”, she smiles, “He is much senior to me and he would definitely have had things in his mind. Me being a newcomer, I was so excited about the very fact that I was making my debut in such a film where I knew audience would go back home smiling.”

Today she is happy about the fact that Chashme Baddoor is enjoying an almost a solo release with it being the only notable film of the week.

“Yes, the film is arriving at just the right time when people are waiting for it. There is so much curiosity amongst the youngsters and everything is falling into place. I am waiting to see the kind of response that comes my way”, smiles Taapsee, “See, others like Ali Zafar, Sidharth and Divyendu have their own fan following. On the other hand David Sir’s repertoire is such that people come to watch a movie just on the basis of his name. Everyone is secure in his own place and I the only one hanging in there. Ab dekhna hai ki mera kya result aata hai!”

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