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Chashme Buddoor
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Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Divyendu Sharma, Siddharth, Taapsee Pannu, Anupam Kher, Lillete Dubey

Director: David Dhawan

Writer: Sai Paranjpye

Music Director: Sajid Wajid

Singer/s: Sonu Nigam, Ali Zafar, Shreya Ghoshal, Mika Singh, Wajid Khan, Neuman Pinto

Plot: Siddharth (Sid), Jai & Omi (Ali Jafar, Siddharth and Divyendu Sharma respectively) live together in a small house in Goa. Large on life, wants and everything else, the only thing that seems to keep Omi & Jai going along are the women in Goa where as Sid lives a straight and normal life.

The two womanizing slackers, Omi and Jai attempt to woo the new girl Seema (Tapasee) in the neighbourhood. Omi & Jai on spotting the girl feel it’s important to make her fall for them and they both decide to seduce her in their own ways. But this is not what they tell Sid when they meet him and they both wax lyrical about their romantic conquests with the new girl.

Sid a shy, intelligent and a good boy is unaware of all their conquests but he is more into books and wants a great life ahead. Unknown to both Omi & Jai, he actually meets Seema and they slowly grow into friends and over time Seema starts to fall in love with this quiet sensitive and nice boy. But when Omi & Jai get to know about it they are pissed off and scared that Sid will come to know about their lie soon, they decide to let Sid know that Seema is the girl who they both had dated earlier. Sid is shocked to realize the girl he loves is a flirt and walks away and breaks up with Seema.

Jai and Omi are relieved for some time. But on seeing Sid depressed and going into a shell around this time, Omi & Jai feel that they need to first tell each other what really happened to them at Seema’s house and when they realize what had really happened, they confide everything in Siddharth. He is very angry at both of them and now goes back to Seema but she does not want to have anything to do with him.

Omi & Jai again jump to the rescue. Omi, Jai and Seema’s grandmother together hatch a plan. They decide to masquerade as kidnappers and kidnap Seema. Siddharth at that time will step in and save Seema. Everything does not go exactly as planned but works out fine in the end.

All is well that ends well and Siddharth gets Seema and the slacking duo (Omi & Jai)  still remain in search of women and love.

chashme baddoor Review
Chashme Baddoor Review (Chashme Baddoor Movie Poster)
Chashme Baddoor Review (Chashme Baddoor Movie Poster)

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three-Stars)

Star cast: Ali Zafar, Siddharth, Divyendu Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Taapsee Pannu

Director: David Dhawan

What’s Good: David Dhawan easily surpasses the standards he had set for himself by giving the 1981 classic Chashme Baddoor an unusually quirky and unthinkable comic dimension.

What’s Bad: Despite coming of age, it is hard for Dhawan to miss out on his trademark slapstick genre of comedy which as usual gets a little unbearable at places.

Loo break: None.

Watch or Not?: The Chashme Baddoor remake comes as a pleasantly surprising tale from the house of Dhawans, abundant in humor and not slapstick buffoonery. Rendering a modern angle to the classic story, the film interestingly tugs at our nostalgic beads, remaining innovative making this one of the most remarkable romantic comedies of recent times. Hit the theatres armed with coke and popcorn, you wouldn’t want to miss this one!

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The story opens in Goa retelling the old story of three friends, Sid, Jai and Omi. While the latter two waste a considerable amount of resources and energy chasing ladies, it is the humble Sid who strikingly contrasts them. Sid successfully woos the flatteringly pleasing Seema, while his friends are surprisingly left chasing.

Taking offense to their loss, Jai and Omi decide to play villains the Sid-Seema’s blooming love tale. Building up to a laugh riot of an ending, the film’s worth every bit of it!

Chashme Baddoor Review (Chashme Baddoor Movie Stills)
Siddharth, Taapsee Pannu, Divyendu Sharma and Ali Zafar (Chashme Baddoor Movie Stills)

Chashme Baddoor Review: Script Analysis

It was a daunting task to venture into remaking a cult film like Chashme Baddoor. The film is a proclaimed classic which made the yesteryear’s Deepti Naval-Farooque Sheikh pair a celebrated hit! This film has almost nothing like its predecessor given the new age, contemporary set up and the change of relationship dynamics since then.

The scriptwriters walk away with ample credit for giving the story a refreshing tapestry. Forbidding to sway around Dhawan’s trademark genre of comedy, the story’s narrative is not tedious or stretched! Maintaining to keep the film engaging till the very end, the film amuses us at every alternate scene.

I specifically was impressed with the way Chamko scene was dealt with. Refusing to reduce its original value, the scene was duly given to veteran actors to be handled. Spoofing up Bollywood with intelligent ironies, the film delivers intriguing rhymes and puns, giving us a few hilarious dialogues!

The story brilliantly focuses eloquently on the trio’s friendship and bromance keeping the film cheerful and perky.

Chashme Baddoor Review: Star Performances

While Ali Zafar has improved manifolds, he more often than not, falls short of leveling up to the Farooque Sheikh standard of work. I could have easily omitted the comparison, yet it comes almost naturally given the film’s invariably obvious link.

Ali Zafar still valiantly makes the attempt to match up to the yesteryear actor. His pretty little co-star fails dismally at it. Not having an ounce of Deepti Naval’s extravagant screen presence, grace and class, Taapsee is a disappointment despite a pleasing screen presence.

Siddharth is brilliant. His suave charm will remind us why despite a loaded star cast, he managed to get the women swooning over him post Rang De Basanti. The actor hasn’t lost his edge to match up to a strong script and stronger co-actors. We definitely must see a lot more of him in Bollywood, for the better!

Liquid ji ki Jai ho! Divyendu’s comic timing is impeccable and smart! The scriptwriter has been lenient on both Siddharth and Divyendu giving them the film’s more latently held meatier roles of being the mouthpiece. Muttering rhyming couplets and hilarious poetry, they will truly impress you. With an overtly overpowering screen presence, Chashme Baddoor belongs to Siddharth and Divyendu more than anyone else.

The veterans do not even need a mention. Undoubtedly doing their best, Lillette Dubey, Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher are ace at their work. Anupam Kher’s role is reminiscent of the No 1 Dhawan series of films and will make fondly miss Govinda’s buffoonery he was so darn good at.

Chashme Baddoor Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

While the pain of the last week’s remake, still lingers on largely, David Dhawan comes up as a pleasant surprise for us! Quite unexpectedly, he manages to reform his work given the times in Bollywood. He ascends his standard of work managing to deliver a film as brilliant as Chashme Baddoor. Don’t expect a classic, but expect laughter, fun and immensely fulfilling entertainment. The film hasn’t been remade scene by scene, but it is its overwhelming essence which deserves a pat. The way I see it, this is Dhawan’s redemption for making us watch all the weird kind of Number 1 films which were so intolerable and stupid.

The dialogue writer shrewdly gives to his lines the wit and intellect of his thinking. At places, the lines come across as stupidly absurd, but nevertheless, you will still find yourself smiling!

The music is well placed without interfering with the film’s flow. All in all, it is impressive that Chashme Baddoor is anything but disappointing.

Chashme Baddoor Review: The Last Word

Chashme Baddoor is a creatively made remake, which refreshingly refashions its predecessor. David Dhawan has finally managed to leave his flamboyance back in the 90s, coming of age giving his genius the undue pending credit of years. The film valiantly holds its ground with humor and hilarious poetry. This one is a definite must watch!

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Chashme Baddoor released on 5th April, 2013.

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