Shah Rukh Khan has been asked to do a difficult task. Well, the actor has been asked to part ways with his cellphone. Ask Why? Well, that’s due to the extremely particular producer Aditya Chopra. According to an insider, the producer wants to make sure that his next project is kept under the wraps and for this he has asked the entire crew of the film to keep their phones away.

Shah Rukh Khan and his cell phone on the sets of 'Fan'
Shah Rukh Khan and his cell phone on the sets of ‘Fan’

Since the shooting of the film has begun and is taking place at a suburban studio, Aditya Chopra does not want any news flying out of the sets and especially Shah Rukh’s look being revealed. For this, everyone on the sets including Shah Rukh has to keep their phones or any other recording devices at the registration desk.

Well, certainly we are expecting Shah Rukh’s tweet volumes to go down considering he will have to part from his phone for sometime now.

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