Jiah Khan Was Drunk When She Committed Suicide

Deceased actress Jiah Khan was drunk, according to the forensic reports, when she committed suicide.

The actress was found dead on 2nd June in her apartment and her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi has been framed as the prime accused in the case.

According to reports that has been revealed a month after her death, there was some amount of alcohol content found in her blood. M.K Malve of Kalina Forensic Laboratory handed over the reports to the police.

The details of the reports couldn’t be excavated but it might go on to prove that Jiah was indeed not in the right state of mind when she took the decision, which might prove to be some respite for the accused Suraj.

The police refused to comment on the issue but the Jiah Khan Suicide Case will take a new turn after this.

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  • Josh
    2 years ago | Reply

    Wow!! What a deduction from the forensics!! Alcohol in her blood that’s why she was drunk. Logic!! But this doesn’t prove anything – irrelevant. Being drunk doesn’t prove that it was because of Suraj. She wasn’t drinking because of Suraj. Being drunk doesn’t push to commit suicide. There’s still no link > Suraj – alcohol – suicide. NOT taking Suraj’s side but the case might be clear enough that Jiah was depressed to the extent of self-harming.

    • moi
      2 years ago | Reply

      …or just maybe someone wanted her dead for some reason??? I’ve known many ‘drunk’ people in my lifetime (and several alcoholics)–none of them have committed suicide by hanging themselves while drunk. Something doesn’t add up with this in my book–

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