Black Buck Poaching Case: Salman Khan is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars of our country today. The fans here worship Cricket and Cinema just as they worship god.


Salman’s loyal fan base is a proof of his super stardom! Today, the verdict of his black buck poaching case was announced in the Jodhpur court. For those who aren’t aware about the black buck case, Salman and his Hum Saath Saath Hai co-stars had killed a black buck in Jodhpur back then while shooting.

Black Buck Poaching Case: Is Salman Khan Is Paying The Price For His STARDOM?
Black Buck Poaching Case: Is Salman Khan Paying The Price For His STARDOM?


Coming to the present, yes, I was not surprised when Tabu, Neelam, Sonali Bendre and Saif Ali Khan got acquitted in the same case. Salman is the only actor who got convicted in the court today. The question here arises that why only Salman Khan was held guilty and not his co-stars? If all five of them were together, shouldn’t the law have given the same punishment? Shouldn’t the law be equal for each and everyone? It undeniable that Salman’s stardom is the strongest among all who were under trial.




  1. Definitely Not.
    He’s killer of animals, human beings, he has sympathy for terrorists, he thinks India is intolerant.
    In fact, his stardom is actually the saviour !!!
    Shame on those who empathize with him.

  2. Certainly, Law is equal for all (As per article 14 of our Constitution). As per my information pertaining to the aforesaid case, rest of them were charged of instigating ( IPC u/s 107 ” abatement”) Mr. Khan to commit the act or wildlife crime. However, the honorable court did not find any substantial evidences, in order to convict rest of them as abettors. Therefore, mere being present at the crime scene/ site doesn’t make them the guilty of abatement, whereas Mr. Khan has been convicted for crime under wildlife protection act 1972. Hence, certainly the honorable court must have found some conclusive evidence to convict him.

    It is also true to have a big stardom, make some body vulnerable of being charged of allegations. But, there is a lot of segmentation between being charged and being convicted. Certainly, stardom makes him vulnerable to be charged but for being convicted it require conclusive evidence irrespective of the fact whether the accused is Salman khan or Kamaal khan. As the basic concept of Jurisprudence states ” Let the 100 culprits may go free, but no innocent should be punished”.

  3. Why the make Political with Salman Khan just because of animal

    We Love Bhaijaan

    No Salman No Bollywood ❤️✌️✌️??


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