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While Katrina Kaif might have decided that she does not want to have another relationship with any of her Bollywood co-stars, rumours about who Katrina’s boyfriend really was, are aplenty.

Was it the bindaas Salman Khan, who came in Katrina’s life right when she was at the pinnacle of her success? Or was it the flamboyant actor Ranbir Kapoor, who reportedly had a very secretive affair with Katrina? Was Salman Khan or Ranbir Kapoor actually Katrina Kaif’s boyfriend?

Who Is Katrina Kaif's Real Boyfriend? (Katrina Kaif Ramp Walk)
Katrina Kaif: Who’s her real boyfriend?

Old bf of Katrina Kaif

While Salman and Katrina have publicly denied their relationships time and again, Salman’s father and Bollywood screenwriter Salim Khan has given clues that Salman and Katrina indeed had a thing going on. The first we heard of a possible Katrina – Salman rift was in the pre-release period of the latter’s Dabangg, when Salman was said to be favouring Sonakshi Sinha over Katrina. But the rumour mill soon proved wrong as Salman Khan – Katrina danced together for Farah Khan, and Katrina even made a public appearance at Salman’s Being Human event. To top that, Katrina was even one of the first ones to wish Salman on his 45th birthday! All seemed well between them as Katrina and Salman had a roll, shooting for a special episode of Bigg Boss. Salman even wooed Kat in front of the whole nation… the two were even considered to be the hottest Valentines couple.

What went wrong then? Why did Kat have to give up her almost steady boyfriend who has one of the most successful runs in Bollywood?

Maybe Ranbir Kapoor has the answers. After working together in Raajneeti, Ranbir and Katrina developed a good equation. Somewhere down the line, after Ranbir’s public split with Deepika Padukone the cool dude actor decided it was time to move on. And pretty soon, Katrina and Ranbir were seen secretly dining together at restaurants. Obviously, tongues started wagging and talk of Katrina’s new boyfriend became commonplace again. Many reports claimed that Salman had taken offence to this new relationship… others denied any friction. The truth, we are sure, lies somewhere in between…

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  1. I don’t understand why the media has to go on writing the same thing again and again. It doesn’t make it true! Salman and Katrina are obviously serious about each other, why ruin their relationship talking about her “dinners” with someone else. I dine with my guy friends all the time, that doesn’t make them by “boyfriend.” A boyfriend is a bf, a friend is someone you have dinner with or meet up just to hang out. What’s wrong with that? Has no one in the media ever had a friend of the opposite sex?

  2. baby alana dat was only publicity stunt for der upcoming movie when u all will understand the real thg behind dis.These gossip nt affect der life n media is nt ruining anyone’s life dey used 2 write dat thg only wat u all dumbo love to read

  3. Katrina used salman..
    This is the last thruth..
    And salman bhai as always tring to pretend that he is happy..

  4. katrina izz a b****..wel salman shud kick her a** as he has got many othr options n even better dan katrina typs..evry sec gal izz better dan her..n i dnt find her dat much gud as people used 2 say bout her..n even zarine khan izz far more better dan katrina…

  5. kati apna jhar ura ke aana….nahi toh tera jism meh itne ched karenge ki tuh cnfse ho jaoge saas kaha se aur gaar kaha se marwai…..

  6. i like all the acting of katrina kaif i am telling you katrina you are the best and sexy aiso so you will succes god is suporting you i like your
    acting very much love you go on to succes you will got succes with best bleassing from akash verma from naini dont forgot me i am your friend or brother

  7. HI .. AP MARI BEST ACTOR HE. … ……………………………………………………………………………………………….

  8. vry gud kat old hiroins me muje kajol pasand me kat.sodont be extra bold.bahut log hai jo achchi film dekhna pasand krte hai.

  9. Katrina and salman khan shud chick her a ** he has got many other option n even better than katrina types …. every sec gal izz better dan her… n i dnt find her dat much good as people use 2 say abuot her izz far more than katreena.

  10. hi! Baby ! I love you so much and you are my dreamgirl. You are my favorite actress also. Do you want to friendship with me?

  11. Hi katrina
    kaisee ho tum bahut achhi lagti lekin jab kam kapde me rahti to bahut bura lagta hai.

  12. आयुष्याची डायरी लिहिणारा देव असतो, पण वाचणारे आपण असतो. जीवनात खूप
    काही हव असत, पण पाहिजे तेच भेटत नसत, सर्व काही नशिबात असत, पण आपल नशीब
    घडवन हे आपल्याच हातात असतं.


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