Actor-producer Aamir Khan finds it unfair that three names are always singled out whenever the media talks about stardom in Bollywood. He says there are many other “talented stars” who are contributing good work in the Hindi film industry.

Aamir was present at an event for a song launch of his upcoming film Secret Superstar here on Monday. Films of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan always touch the 100 crore mark within three to four days of their release, but neither Salman’s Tubelight nor Shah Rukh’s Jab Harry Met Sejal met the same fate.

Asked if it was so because the trend is changing and that the audience prefers content-driven cinema compared to star-studded movies, Aamir said, “To say that the trend has changed is a very big statement, but I think there are ups and downs in every creative person’s life. We all try our best to do our work, we try to make sure that everyone likes the films that we make. But at times we succeed, at times we fail.

Bollywood has more talented stars than three Khans, says Aamir
Aamir Khan’s Shocking Comments On 3 Khans Of Bollywood

“I think we should not get fazed by that. We should continue to do what we believe in.

“And I think whenever you (media) talk about stars, it’s wrong to mention just the three names (Shah Rukh, Salman, and Aamir). I think there are many talented stars who have a huge following. Akshay (Kumar) released a new film Toilet: Ek Prem Katha which is being loved by everyone.

“All of us are there, we are trying to do good work. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. I don’t think it should directly reflect on the immediate stardom of a person.”

Secret Superstar is releasing on Diwali.

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Is he nervous? “We were trying to release in August at first. But there was a lot more work we still wanted to do and we wouldn’t have finished it in time, so we pushed it forward. Usually, it is said that people are so engrossed on Diwali with the celebration that they don’t really go to watch the films on that same day, and according to producers and distributors, it isn’t the right day to release the film.

“But for us, the box office collection isn’t that important. We wanted to release the film on a day which is emotionally important to us,” said Aamir.

On a clash with Golmaal Again, Aamir said, “I think Diwali is a day which has a bandwidth to take two releases. So that was never a concern for us. You will see Diwali always has two releases… It is very rare that there is only one release for the film.

“So the day had the space to release two films, also the genres of both the films are very different. Golmaal Again is an out-and-out entertainer and Secret Superstar for us is a very important story…. I don’t think there is any clash.”

Secret Superstar is a musical drama written and directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir and Kiran Rao. The film also stars Zaira Wasim and Meher Vij.


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  1. Even though other actors apart from 3 Khans doesn’t compare themselves with them. They create their own space and make film professionally. Even Aamir knows it’s useless to talk about this but it’s people who is going Gaga over Khans without any reason. I don’t know if srk or salmon usually pay to media to write good things about them plus underworld support.

  2. I wonder why the website wants to make a mountain out of a molehill there is nothing controversial in what he said he obviously didn’t insult anyone. He is saying the truth since there are crores of talented people in the world who never get their due. That’s what even Akshay tells people about success 70% luck and 30% hard work. Success in life is about lottery. The most important factor of success is how lucky you are & obviously not how talented or hard working you are that’s just gibberish in the world we live in. The problem with that thinking is that it only works in a world which is equal for everyone in everything and everyone gets a good chance of succeeding in life. In the world we live in, in every industry is as worse as the wealth inequality where 1% get massive share of the pie and more than 60% people love in poverty. Even in Bollywood it’s shocking that millions of people watch these films but how many of em become superstars and it’s completely dominated only by Khans. In Sachin’s entire career we only had Khans, Saif, Akshay, Ajay, Roshan and Ranbir who made their debuts post 1988 to 2013. There is a reason why forget about us even if Roshan, Ajay, Saif, Akshay & Ranbir were to ask Khans, Rajesh & Amitabh on secrets of their success, whatever they say it won’t obviously won’t result in them also becoming megastars like them. Since even they have no Idea what made them unique and different from others why they had outstanding success & why they are better than others. Whatever they might say there are millions doing those things but obviously never succeed, even if some do it doesn’t happen in anywhere near that level.

    Motivational Industry is a multi billion dollar industry but can they ever make sure that they will result in a massive boost of success for the readers and become the most influential book that ever existed, obviously not because hard work & perseverance is simply not as influential as people proclaim them to be. Also the fact that crores of people even though they have realised that they will never be highly successful, still are obsessed with living their life with a lot of pain, boredom, anguish rather than do good deeds to make others and God happy, commit suicide and live in heaven with God. They will much rather prefer God give them a curse and make them suffer in pain without killing them instead of pursuing true happiness, freedom from the curse of life and go to heaven.

    On top of that people consider sex as a sin something shameful but will that ever stop them from breeding like rabbits almost as if the only reason God sent them to the world was to breed like rabbits, seriously sex is a major taboo in Asia especially India and China being the most hypocritical countries on earth with the population in billions each. Even Islamic countries watching the most porn in the world are just like them are just as hypocritical as they are.

    If the world was like heaven full of happiness & prosperity success in nothing since people don’t compete with each other only co-operate. There is no anguish, wrath, misery, rejection, toxic mentalities, greed, hostility, rancour, loathing, odium, somnolence, corruption, negligence, diseases, crimes, failure, poverty, gloat, envy, pride, lust, inability to calm the mind, dejection, sluggishness, doubt, heaviness of body and dullness of mind which drags one down into disabling inertia and thick depression. Lust meaning sexual harassment. If none of them would have existed in the world, then it would it would have made sense to have as many kids because all of us deserve it. Since there is no gloating everyone is good & there is no evil anyways. But in this world knowing its a shitty hell and still breeding like rabbits and then judging sex as immoral is a disgusting since we are wilfully subjecting our children to so much punishment for what! It’s an extremely selfish attitude. In that people don’t have any problem. If they do it, it’s perfectly fine but if others do it it’s a sin. This is the shitty world we live in.

    Even the most wooden actor of his generation Arjun is an A lister being a poor man’s version & a cheap knockoff of his uncle Sanjay who the audience rejected. He only has 1 expression that of a person who is a PTSD patient having suffered great tragedy in life who is always depressed. In reality he is very lucky man born with a silver spoon who has always had a very enjoyable life. Even if he were to retire now he can easily live the rest of his life in luxury due to Boney, Sridevi & Anil Kapoor they will always be there for him for eg Abhishek Bachchan. In the Sarbjit film Randeep outperformed Aishwariya with a country mile. Yet Randeep didn’t even get a single award even nominations were hard to get. While Aish since she’s so influential received all the awards for the juries Randeep doesn’t even exist. This is the reason there is so much inequality in this world. This is among the main reasons Aamir told it. There are thousands who are equally talented or even more talented than the Khans but more than 90% of them fail. Like how some films get ridiculous amount of appreciation and collection while there are hundreds of films which are much better but never get their due.


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