Vince McMahon Didn't Want To Push Chris Jericho In WWE
WWE: Chris Jericho’s Height Wasn’t Good Enough For Vince McMahon (Photo Credit – Chris Jericho /Instagram,Vince McMahon/Twitter)

Now enjoying a successful run in AEW, Chris Jericho is amongst the all-time greats of WWE. Despite wrestling for a rival promotion, the pro-wrestler still has his fan following intact.

Unlike some of the superstars, Jericho wasn’t gifted tonnes of pushes by the company. Y2J earned his cult following, Jerichoholics what we say, with his mic skills, charismatic ring presence and of course, by providing a safe work environment for co-wrestlers. In his WWE career, Y2J has given us some of the classic matches and amazing promos. But what if we say, all this Jerichoholism came to the lights due to Jim Ross? Yes, you read that right!



None other than Chris Jericho himself has revealed that WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross was responsible for his career in WWE. It all happened when a user took to Twitter for reacting on Ross’ shocking revelation on his Grilling JR podcast. “Exactly!! I listen to Jim Ross’s podcast. Stunned Jim had to sell Vince on Jericho. Chris is so talented, he doesn’t get the top guy love he deserves,” a user wrote. Replying to it, Y2J tweeted, “Well @JRsBBQ was always a defender of mine. He was pretty much single handedly responsible for getting me signed to @wwe.”

Speaking about Chris Jericho, Ross said on his podcast, “I had to negotiate with Vince basically to get Chris on the radar because of his f*cking height, and that was it. He was not the ideal height to be in the main event at WrestleMania in Vince’s view and the way it works there Conrad, you know as well as anybody, your sister-in-law is a big star there, the world revolves around Vince.”

After the podcast session, many Jerichoholics took to Twitter and lauded Ross’ support for Jericho. Really, we just can’t thank enough Ross for giving us a Y2J legend!

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