WWE Monday Night RAW Results: The Buzz Intensifies Before The Money In The Bank
WWE Monday Night RAW Results: The Buzz Intensifies Before The Money In The Bank

WWE is heading towards the much-awaited Money in the Bank pay per view on May 10. It’s the last Monday Night RAW before Money In The Bank and in 6 days we will find out the end result of some heated ongoing rivalries. The recent episode of RAW has created more buzz for the upcoming pay per view.


MVP kicked off Raw by welcoming Asuka, Shayna Baszler, and Nia Jax in the VIP Lounge. MVP was skeptical about how this chat with three RAW women in the MITB match will end. Because last week when he invited male participants to chat, soon that conversation turned into a brawl.


Nia was asked by MVP if she has the skill to climb up the ladder, Nia responded that she knows how to destroy her opponents and that’s enough to win. Shayna said she believes in her actions rather than speak about it before she and Asuka got into a heated argument. Both of them turned towards Nia and kicked her out of the ring. Then MVP stopped Asuka and Baszler from beating each other as he wanted to end the chat on a peaceful note this time.

The last chance for superstars to qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match was given through a gauntlet match. Bobby Lashley was the favorite to win this but he got disqualified due to putting his hands on the official. Following Lashley’s disqualification, the match was won by AJ Styles. This is the first time AJ appeared since he got buried by Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

After last week’s ugly contract signing, Seth Rollins was being interviewed by Charly Caruso to address the situation. Seth told that despite whatever happened last week, he’s still confident that he will defeat Drew at Money In The Bank. Seth was even asked about his predictions about the main event of Raw which is Buddy Murphy vs Drew McIntyre, he said he has full belief in Murphy. Seth even said he’s not preparing for his match against Drew instead he’s preparing how to lead this company by being the WWE Champion again. He said Drew doesn’t have what it takes, and he can’t be the face of the company. Rollins said McIntyre isn’t ready to carry those burdens and he wants to save him from those burdens by defeating him.

In an epic contest, Charlotte Flair defeated liv Morgan through submission. Liv kept kicking out even after being hit by the double knees to the face. Charlotte even delivered a powerbomb but Morgan was not ready to lose. Later in the match, Morgan went for a Dropkick but Charlotte converted into Boston Crab and made Morgan tap out.

The main event of RAW was a non-title match between Drew McIntyre and Buddy Murphy which was bound to get interference from Rollins. Drew defeated Murphy through pinball after delivering a claymore kick. After the match, Rollins attacked Drew from behind and kept yelling it’s not about Drew but it’s about a bigger purpose. Then Drew countered the curb stomp and was about to give Rollins a beating of his lifetime, but the Monday Night Messiah sneaked out of the ring just like last week.

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