Ryback Takes A Shot At Vince McMahon
Ryback Trolls Mansoor(Photo Credit: Mansoor /Instagram;Vince McMahon& Ryback /Twitter)

Ryback is known for taking shots time and again at WWE head Vince McMahon. It’s known to all that the Big Guy always had sour relations with Vince for one or the other reason. Now, he once again has called the shots, and this time by dragging Mansoor in it.

In the latest social media beef, the Big Guy trolled rising star, Mansoor. It looks like the former WWE star took a dig over a match at Crown Jewel 2021. In the match, the newbie had a contest with another rising star, Mustafa Ali. Even though the match was entertaining, it was more of an attempt to please the home crowd.



As per Ryback, WWE is trying really hard to push Mansoor. The Big Guy says that Mansoor won’t be a big star even if he gets a theme of Stone Cold Steve Austin. “@VinceMcMahon you can give Mansoor @steveaustinBSR music and he still won’t be over. Holy shit your product f*cking s*cks,” reads the tweet.

The Saudi Arabian wrestler didn’t hold back as he gave a perfect reply without uttering a single word. He shared a picture in which the Big Guy had asked his followers about his next move. Most of them have asked him to retire.

Here’s the tweet:

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time the former WWE star has made headlines for taking digs. A few months ago, he was indulged in a war with Mark Henry. He had said that (in now-deleted tweets) John Cena never wanted to work with the world’s strongest man as he wasn’t good inside the ring. As Cena denied to work, the big guy said that it was he who stepped up to wrestle. He had also claimed that Henry fell asleep in Gorilla Position before Wrestlemania 29’s match.

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