Rob Van Dam Talks About His In-Ring Return
Rob Van Dam Is Excited To Make In-Ring Return ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

This year’s Royal Rumble didn’t witness much of veterans’ return. But what could have been your reaction if Rob Van Dam would have entered into the rumble match? We ask you so because the legend was all set to make his return but was put on standby by WWE.


Van Dam’s return could have proved to be one pleasurable thing in Royal Rumble 2022, amid tons of not-so-good things. Sadly, he couldn’t make it to the ring as he didn’t get any response from the other end. He recently revealed of contacting WWE and letting them know that he’s available to make his return.


As per Sportskeeda Wrestling, Rob Van Dam said, “I let them (WWE) know that I was available if they needed me for Royal Rumble, and I was on standby, with a brand new outfit feeling great, you know, in a great condition,” revealed RVD. ”They didn’t call me in, but it could happen anytime. I don’t have any plans for it, but you know, I would consider any situation from any company. I’d consider it. If it’s right, it’s right.”

Even though Rob Van Dam didn’t make his Royal Rumble return, he is excited about his in-ring return and he feels there’s still a lot of fuel left in his tank.

“So, I’m not done with my career because right now I have maybe five matches, four or five matches, but, and these aren’t matches that will be televised, you know by WWE or anyone that I know. So, it probably won’t be seen by all the fans worldwide, you know, could that happen? Absolutely,” Van Dam added further.

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