Jon Moxley AKA Dean Ambrose: "WWE S*cks At This Point"
Jon Moxley AKA Dean Ambrose: “WWE S*cks At This Point” (Photo Credit – Getty)

Former WWE star Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley under AEW, has time and again shared his bitter feelings for Vince McMahon. Even during his time with the former brand, the pro-wrestler didn’t really have good relations with the boss. Earlier, he had shared that he would love to work at McDonald’s rather than joining Vince led company. Now, once again he’s back with some blazing shots.


In his latest talk, Jon expressed his sadness over the downfall of WWE’s content. He blames Vince and his mindset for lowering the pro-wrestling standards. He is of the opinion that until Vince leaves the company, the monopoly brand won’t see any rise.


Jon Moxley was indulged in a chat with Wrestling Observer Radio. While sharing his thoughts, he said, “I want WWE to be awesome. Honestly, when WWE s*cks at this point I don’t get excited about it like ‘haha, you s*ck’…Because they are the number one brand in the sport. They represent the sport to a lot of people and when their product is embarrassing to watch, it makes all of the wrestling look bad.”

“We know what their problem is, it’s one person, 3 letters, VKM, that’s the problem. Until he’s gone or relinquishes control, it’s not going to change. When I watch their show during the pandemic era, or I guess even before, especially during the pandemic era, I’m just like ‘oh thank god I’m not there,’” Jon added.

The ‘lunatic fringe’ Dean Ambrose had an amazing run in WWE. He was a teammate with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins under SHIELD. He also rose as a champion as a solo performer. Currently, he is enjoying a glorious run under AEW as Jon Moxley.

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