WWE Legends Who Are Fit In Their 50s
WWE Legends Who Are Still Fit In Their 50s(Pic credit: Instagram/goldberg95, davebautista, tripleh)

Being a part of the pro-wrestling industry, WWE has always prioritised fitness over everything. After keeping it loose in initial years, the company had tightened its parameters of fitness for its athletes. In order to adapt to the atmosphere and to play for a long, some big guns never lost the track of their body and eventually, it has become their lifestyle. So, in today’s piece, we’ll be taking a look at legends who are in their 50s but still in a better shape.

Without wasting a time, let’s start with our list:

Triple H

Paul Levesque aka Triple H is now looking fit as ever. Over the years, his body has undergone several phases. Be it a tight initial physique to a dad bod, the game has seen it all. But during the last few years, he has transformed himself by getting ripped. Considering he is in a corporate role for WWE now, his fitness is worth mentioning. He is 51 years old now.


Dave Bautista aka Batista was known as the animal of WWE for a reason. He had ripped and huge physique right from the start which only got better with time. Leaving apart his rusty moves during his last match with Triple H, the animal still has an amazing shape. Well, he has a major reason of Hollywood career to be in shape. He too is 51 years old.


At the age of 53, Bill Goldberg aka Goldberg is still active in WWE and appears occasionally. Just like his initial phase, the spear machine still dons mildly visible abs and has a tough physique. Apart from pro-wrestling, Bill enjoys playing different sports which is why he is still fit than most youngsters.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin aka Stone Cold Steve Austin is amongst the biggest names in the industry. Just like Triple H, this WWE legend too had a dad bod for a particular period of time. But look at him now, his fitness will give a run for money to youngsters. He is 55 now.


Glenn Jacobs aka Kane had a terrific physique initially but later on, he had put on some extra kilos. But in the last 1-2 years, the big red machine has retained his good shape despite staying away from the ring. He is 53 years old now and is a Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

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