Over the years, WWE gifted us with some memorable moments which added a pinch of entertainment to our life. It wasn’t always about hardcore matches but some really entertaining segments as well. Right from the ‘Attitude Era’ to ‘PG Era’, we got a bunch of superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, CM Punk and others, who really nailed it with their mic skills.

Today, we have compiled some interesting segments of WWE, which were entertaining to the core. Take a look:

From The Rock Calling Out The Undertaker To CM PUNK & John Cena's Contract Signing - Take A Look At WWE's Entertaining Segments
From The Rock Calling Out The Undertaker To CM PUNK & John Cena’s Contract Signing – Take A Look At WWE’s Entertaining Segments


The Rock calling out The Undertaker


The rockstar of the Attitude Era, The Rock needs no introduction. Just like his wrestling skills, his mic skills were something to die for. But do you remember the instance when The Undertaker dominated ‘the Burma bull’ like a boss? Yes, during RAW’s episode of 18th September 2000, The Rock called out the deadman as he was disappointed over his act. The Undertaker, in his own style, trolled the people’s champ and said he is pissed off.

Stone Cold meets Stone Cold (Smackdown, 2002)

This one is quite a hilarious one as Chris Jericho introduced the arena with a duplicate Stone Cold and made him confess that how great wrestler he is, to satisfy his ego and to make fun of Austin. And just like every Stone Cold episode ends, Texas’ rattlesnake ‘stunned’ the duplicate one and sealed it with a can of beer.

The Rock forcing Vince McMahon to kiss Rikishi’s a** (Smackdown 2001)

This one goes with the popular saying, “Getting a taste of own medicine”. Here, The Rock officially closed Vince McMahon’s ‘Kiss My A** club’ by sticking his face into Rikishi’s stinky and wet butt. The whole segment was a hell of a fun!

CM Punk and John Cena’s contract signing

CM Punk truly rocked the PG Era, didn’t he? Well, if you don’t believe it, just go watch his contract signing for the SummerSlam match against John Cena. Despite the presence of Triple H, John Cena and of course, The Rock, Punk dominated the whole conversation like a boss.

The Rock special song for Vickie Guerrero

We love to hear when The Rock captivates the arena with his concert inside the ring. His special recreation of Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ for Vickie Guerrero still makes us burst with laughter. The episode was aired on 14th January 2013, marking RAW’s 20th anniversary.

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