Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters
Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Cold wars and espionage stories have never been as funny as those in Wit Studio’s hit anime “Spy x Family.” But it’s not the action or the politics that makes this anime stand out; it’s the absolute comical sequences that follow a found family of spies, assassins, and mind-readers trying to convince everyone around them that they are as accurate as the next white-picket-fence household.

“Spy x Family” is an action comedy manga released in 2019 and adapted into an anime in 2022, instantly becoming a global hit. It’s set in Ostania, a fictional war-torn country that recently got out of an all-out conflict with its neighbors, Westalis. Both nations are standing on thin ice and cannot afford another war, yet the tensions between them are at an all-time high. So, Westalis sends in their best agent, Twilight, to prevent the unseen forces working in the shadows from creating situations where a clash could be inevitable. Twilight’s mission is to keep an eye on Donovan Desmon, a man with enough power to plunge the two countries into another confrontation.

Loid Forger

Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters
Loid Forger (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Loid Forger, Agent Twilight’s alias in Ostania, is a loving family man and noble psychiatrist at the Berlint General Hospital. To effectively carry out his mission, Loid adopts a 6-year-old girl from a shabby orphanage called Anya and marries a city hall employee, Yor Briar. He hides his identity from his found family and isn’t aware of their secrets. Despite having borderline superhuman abilities as a spy, Loid is oblivious to Anya and Yor, often resorting to amateur antics to appease them. Nevertheless, he’s highly protective of his adopted daughter and often regrets getting her in his predicament, seeing that they’re going to have to go their own separate ways eventually.

Anya Forger

Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters
Anya Forger (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Anya is the Forger family’s adopted daughter and a mind-reader, unbeknownst to them. She’s 6 years old but looks younger than her age and is aware of both her mother’s and father’s identities because of her powers—a fact she’s bent on keeping a secret, worried that they’ll abandon her if they find out. She loves spy anime and doesn’t like studying at all, but she has to get into the top academy in the country because of her father’s mission. She’s extremely curious about everything and tends to get herself in trouble because of it.

Yor Forger

Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters
Yor Forger (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Yor Forger is the matriarch of the Forger family and an employee at the Berlint City Hall. In reality, though, she’s a cold, ruthless assassin with the alias ‘Thorn Princess,’ working under a secret organization called ‘The Garden.’ When she’s not in her assassin mode, she’s a shy and clumsy woman with a notable lack of talent for cooking. Like Loid, Yor is highly protective of Anya and does not hold back on her ruthlessness if she senses anything or anyone threatening her. She is not aware of her husband and daughter’s identities.

Bond Forger

Your Guide to Witty and Funny ‘Spy x Family’ Characters
Bond Forger (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Bond Forger is the Forger family hound who appears rather late in the story but is just as important as the other three characters. He’s initially a timid dog who takes to Anya instantly, way before she rescues him (or rather, he saves her) from being used as a decoy in a very detrimental terror mission initiated as a way to spark a war between Ostania and Westalis. Bond has his secret, known only to Anya—precognitive powers that allow him to glimpse into the future for a few seconds.

“Spy x Family” is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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