Late Night With The Devil Breaks Streaming Records on Shudder's Strongest Opening Weekend Ever
Late Night With The Devil Breaks Streaming Records on Shudder’s Strongest Opening Weekend Ever (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Shudder, the go-to spot for horror buffs, smashed its records last weekend with “Late Night With The Devil,” a horror gem that became the top catch for Shudder and AMC+ during its debut. Horror Geek Life reports that the film wasted no time making history, hitting the ground running on Shudder on April 19 and securing the platform’s most triumphant opening weekend yet.

Upon hitting theaters, it promptly seized the crown as distributor IFC Films’ most lucrative opening weekend in the U.S., amassing $2.8 million in domestic box office revenue. According to Forbes, despite its limited release in just 1,034 American theaters, the Australian movie generated $9.8 million in revenue during its U.S. theatrical run.

AMC no longer shares specific subscriber figures for Shudder as a standalone service. However, as of 2023, AMC Networks boasted 11.4 million subscribers across its streaming platforms, including AMC+, Shudder, and four other services. Despite its modest budget and minimal expenditure of $150,000 on visual effects, “Late Night With The Devil,” set in the 1970s, garnered critical acclaim. Its tight filming schedule did not impede its reception, as evidenced by its impressive 97% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, solidifying its status as the best-reviewed horror film of the year thus far.

Plot of Late Night with the Devil

Jack Delroy, host of the talk show Night Owls, experienced a decline in ratings after his wife’s death. Determined to revive the show’s success, he plans an unconventional Halloween special, unaware of the sinister consequences.

Cast and crew of Late Night with the Devil

“Late Night with the Devil,” helmed by the Australian collaborative duo Cameron and Colin Cairnes, features David Dastmalchian in the role of Jack Delroy, the host of a talk show, with Laura Gordon portraying June Ross-Mitchell, Delroy’s romantic partner who also happens to be a parapsychologist. Ian Bliss embodies Carmichael Haig, a former magician turned skeptic, while Ingrid Torelli takes on the character of Lilly D’Abo, a survivor of a mass suicide who becomes possessed by a demon. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia, the production utilizes a blend of practical effects, including puppetry and digital visual effects. Additionally, the incorporation of AI-generated art is noted, albeit the directors emphasized that only “three images” were AI-produced. The film’s musical score is crafted by Glenn Richards, complemented by the cinematography of Alex Dupen.

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