Just we thought the Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut legal battle had ended for good, the Queen actress dug up old graves while promoting her film Simran a few weeks back. And now it seems as if the ugly fight is far from over.


It looks like the controversy won’t die soon. After Hrithik posted a statement on his twitter, he spoke his heart out in an interview on CNN News 18. The actor opened up about his alleged relationship with the actress.

Hrithik who has shot two films with Kangana, Kites in 2010 and Krrish 3 in 2013 doesn’t regret having met her and working with her.

Bhupendra Chaubey In Conversation With Hrithik Roshan
Bhupendra Chaubey In Conversation With Hrithik Roshan

“I don’t have any regrets in my life. I just want to begin by saying that a lot has been said about this. And yes, please don’t see it as a ‘he said she said’. It isn’t a lover spat. I’m not here to fight. Not my intention. Had no intention of making this a media trial. It isn’t my making. I also know that there is no trophy, applause at the end of this. There is no victory here. It is just a sad tale. Hopefully, there will be something that we can learn from this. It may be the awareness… I heard some observations that stated, ‘Hrithik pauses too much and he is thinking too much. What’s wrong?’ Yes, I pause and speak because I have to prep before I say the next word. That’s how I have taught myself to speak,” he said in an exclusive interaction with CNN-News18.

On being asked if how will he clean the mess that has been in the media for so long, “Also this whole thing about two people washing dirty laundry in the media, this is not my laundry or clothes. These have just been dumped upon me and I have to rid myself of it. Some say it is a small thing and I disagree… I have been pushed, harassed and cornered now to finally come out and say my truth.”

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He also spoke about how the whole controversy impacted on him, “There are a few things that impact me. I am a bystander to the whole thing. Onus of explanation should not be on me. It should be on the accuser. Accuser should come with the proof and not the accused.”

Despite of the fight being in the news since a year, Hrithik came out to clear his part last week, is it – a decision that has been interpreted as a proof that he had something to hide.

“There may be imperfections in the way I have handled this but does that incriminate me? What are we discussing? We are talking about a serious allegation. My reaction, and the way I handled it is immaterial. Have tried every single way to demolish this,” he further explained.




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