Frances McDormand & Her Five Best Films
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Fargo, Almost Famous, Frances McDormand & Her Best Films (Pic Credit: IMDb)

The year is 1984, the movie that has hit the theatres is Blood Simple and Eureka, a star is born. Frances McDormand entered the world of Cinema with the 1984 film and has been standing strong and tall in her almost 4 decade-year-old glorious career. It isn’t a hidden fact that she created history at the 93rd Oscars today by winning the Best Actress trophy for the third time for Nomadland.


If you wonder why that is special, Frances McDormand now stands with Meryl Streep as both the iconic women now have three Academy honours to their credit, respectively. Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland has made history at the Oscars 2021, and McDormand is a pivotal part of it. But, to be honest, we live on this side of the world, and the buzz around the best Picture Oscar-winning film has introduced a whole lot of people to the legendary actor.


So for the ones who have now being introduced to Frances McDormand, and for the ones already in love with her, I made a compilation of 5 films to make you introduce with the actor more. Of not completely, at least enough to fall in love, here are the films of the actor that I love and want you to watch.


Not going to lie, I was introduced to Frances McDormand newly with this movie that I had the privilege to witness on the big screen here in India. Of course, I had seen Fargo, but this movie made me fall in love with the star. A mother is fighting for justice for her daughter, who was raped and murdered. McDormand’s hell-bent mother portrayal was a winner of hearts, and the Best Actress Oscars too.

FARGO (1996)

Talking of Fargo, how can I not mention it next. The film that put Frances McDormand on the world map was also the one that gave her the first Oscar. Frances plays a pregnant sheriff in a small Minnesota community who is investigating a case of intertwined murders through a kidnapping case. Fargo needs your attention, as it is still the same captivating after all these years.


One can easily say that Frances McDormand showed Hollywood shades of mother and strength of motherhood through many of her films. In the semi-autobiographical film by Cameron Crowe, she became the overprotective but supremely loving mother. A film that explored the music then and had Kate Hudson giving one of her career best performances, McDormand stood out.


Set in a fictionalised America of the 1960s, Mississippi Burning was a blow at the dark American History and its racism. Starring Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe star as two FBI agents, the film investigated the disappearance of a civil rights worker. Frances McDormand played the wife of a racist officer and shined brighter than anyone in the cast.


Not much ago, in 2012, Frances literally stepped into the Wes Anderson universe, and said, “Hey listen, I can do this too!”. The movie was about a young couple deciding to run away from a magical town, had Frances McDormand play the mother to the girl. As one can expect from a Wes film, it has magic, visuals and McDormand to make it all work.

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