Shah Rukh Khan who recently released the trailer of his upcoming drama ‘Happy New Year’ was asked at a event regarding the competition he faces considering that the film will be compared with Dhoom 3 and Kick which both have robbery as their theme. Talking about this, the actor graciously accepted that he does not consider both Aamir Khan and Salman Khan as his competitors and in fact wishes them best for their films.

Check out what Shah Rukh Khan had to say right here:

Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

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  1. They are not competitors because they are not on the same level as you – now the question is are they above you or below you.

  2. Ashwani, please always have pity on yourself; probably you would learn something out it.saying ignorant one way other will not help anyone. don’t rust to be stupid out of emotion.


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