Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 is already heating up the buzz to the maximum without any promo out. In their aggressively initiated promotional strategy, the makers now have released a new making video.


Shankar, the director, reveals about the 3D aspects of the film, “2.0 is shot in 3D, not just for the sake of it but the script demanded the use of 3D technology.”

Nirav Shah, director of photography, adds “3D gets you right into the middle of the action and because we’ve not seen much in India, it’s almost magical. It looks much bigger.”

Newly joined star, Akshay Kumar says “Working in 3D is much harder than I imagined, from the setup to how the things will lead to be in every single shot.”

Rajinikanth Says 2.0 Is Not Less Than Any Big Hollywood 3D Movie
Rajinikanth Says 2.0 Is Not Less Than Any Big Hollywood 3D Movie

Nirav has this amazing theory about 3D, “When you’re shooting for 2D you’re shooting a flat image but when you’re shooting for 3D you’re shooting a space.”

We’re already aware of conversion of 2D films to 3D and Shankar talks in detail about the same, “Lot of Hollywood films are shot in 2D but then are converted into 3D while post production. But 2.0 was shot in latest 3D camera directly. As I see a shot on the monitor I feel I’m there where the story is happening.”

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Ray Hannisian, known for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, is the lead stereographer of 2.0. He adds emphasizes on the 3D experience of the film, “It was our intention to invite the audience to the movie by presenting them a true sense of presence in the earliest scenes. If you see the picture in the forest, you’ll see every lead on every tree, every grass has its individual depth. As the story moves forward it becomes more dynamic. Then we increase the 3D to bring most of the action on screen and between the audience to play right inside the theatre.”

Akshay Kumar was bowled over by the 3D technology used, “After every shot I used to go back to director’s chair and sit their with a pair of high tech 3D glasses to check your shot. As for 3D, it’s such a rare experience that the excitement is ten pooled.”

Shankar calls 2.0 an experience, “You can enjoy a lot of visual effects & action scenes in 3D. The audience will also get very excited to see their star very close to their face. More than a movie it’s an experience, that experience can be tamped by 3D technology.”

Even Rajinikanth couldn’t help but drool over 3D technology, “The first 3D shot I saw on small screen, repeatedly I don’t know how many times I saw. I’ll appreciate Shankar because it was mesmerising. I’m waiting to see audience’s reaction. I assure you, it’s not less than any big Hollywood 3D movie.”




  1. I. Am barely able to wait for this film. Will travell all the way to jamnagar ,fm small town i am in to watcg it.


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