The makers of Jagga Jasoos have released a new dialogue promo from the film. The video features Ranbir Kapoor stammering in the most adorable way. The promo is titled Bageeche Promo.

The makers have already created a lot of buzz about the film with its unique songs and unusual behind-the-scenes videos. They released the musical trailer of the film last week and we must say Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif fans could not take their eyes off them.

Watch the dialogue promo here.

This Promo Of Jagga From Jagga Jasoos Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues
This Promo Of Jagga From Jagga Jasoos Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues

Talking about the idea behind “Jagga Jasoos“, Basu said in a statement: “I would love Feluda and ‘Adventures of Tin Tin’. They were my childhood love. This is all coming out from my personal childhood memories.” Ranbir said while making the film Basu maintained the “sanctity” of what he had narrated to him three to four years ago.

He said: “I used to love all adventure stories. One has to discover the child inside us and know what one likes watching. It was challenging to make a musical out of an adventure story. But there is always fun in challenges,” Basu added.

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“I am a bad producer. I can’t get things done, can’t do man management. I was lucky that a lot of the work was taken care of by Anurag Basu. I can be happy that I can just collect awards for the film,” Ranbir said at a press meet.

“As a producer, I was handling the egos of people. Whenever there were fights between Disney and Anurag, I was just handling them. Acting is a more challenging part,” he added.

The film is an adventurous drama where Ranbir’s character is on the lookout for his missing father. Backed by Disney and Picture Shuru Productions, the film is releasing on July 17.

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