Mukkabaaz: An Anurag Kashyap film which is winning accolades over film festivals all over the world is now finally releasing in its home country on January 12th, 2018. The makers have released an equally intriguing trailer as well.

Mukkabaaz‘s story revolves around a lower caste aspiring boxer from Haryana. The central character faces a series of obstacles in his way to succeed under a socio-political situation of classism and cow vigilantism.

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Mukkabaaz is Anurag’s third film to premiere at TIFF after That Girl in Yellow Boots (2010) and Gangs of Wasseypur (2012). The trailer of the film briefly shows the struggle of boxer’s life with a touch of romance.

As its story unveils on the big screen, Mukkabaaz is a brutal comment on what is happening in India today opens with a scene showing cow vigilantes on the rampage.

Kashyap, introducing the film recently, said lightly to the audience, “We are the second most populous country in the world, but we don’t end up doing much in sports.”

He said boxing in India is not the way it is seen in movies, alluding to the prevailing corruption in the Indian sports system.

Overall, Mukkabaaz is a romantic story paved with complications at every step of the way for its protagonist Shravan (Vineet Kumar Singh). The film holds a social relevance in present times. Instead of casting an A-list film star which could make a huge difference at the box office, why did Aanand L Rai let Kashyap cast a less popular Vineet Kumar Singh?

Rai told IANS, “Well, Anurag is the director of the film and he wanted to project reality in a certain manner by casting his choice of actors. As a producer, I never interfere in that process because I cast the director of the film.”

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