Even though there have been many films which got made on the dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim, this is probably the first time ever a film is being made on his sister Haseena Parkar, with the same title. While Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in the titular role, the role of Dawood Ibrahim will be played by her real life brother Siddhanth Kapoor. Ever since the time the makers of Haseena Parkar released the film’s trailer, it became a talking point all over.


The makers of Haseena Parkar have now released a series of film’s dialogues. Besides being hard hitting, these dialogues really ups the excitement and anticipation quotient about the film. While the first promo of the film has Shraddha Kapoor expressing concern over her husband’s arrest and complains to the cops that she was being tortured despite no fault of hers. That’s when the policeman shouts at her telling her to shut up, reasoning that her brother has been accused of bomb blasts and not patriotism and that her biggest fault was that she was Dawood’s sister.

The second promo has a helpless Shraddha Kapoor telling her father not to beat her husband. To which, her father strictly warns her to wear her dupatta, failing which, he will nail her.

The third promo in the series is a courtroom drama in which the public prosecutor sarcastically tells Shraddha Kapoor that ‘Bhai toh bahut bane, lekin aapa toh sirf ek” (while many became ‘bhais’, only one became ‘aapa’ (sister). To which, the calm and composed Shraddha Kapoor says, “Logon ne izzat bakshi, maine qubool ki” (People gave me respect, I accepted it).

Dialogue Promo - Haseena Parkar
Makers Of Haseena Parkar Release Hard Hitting Dialogue Promos

The last dialogue promo has an extremely stern faced Shraddha Kapoor telling a certain Jeswani that, the ones whom she loved dearly were the ones who made her worst fears come true.

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Besides Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhanth Kapoor, Haseena Parkar also stars Ankur Bhatia. Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, the film will be releasing on 22 September this year.




  1. Was it really hard hitting. I saw the dialogues and found Shraddha struggling with the dialogues. She can’t act. The film is going to be a big flop.


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