FilterCopy, the flagship channel of Pocket Aces, released a chuckel-some video ‘If parents behaved like us’ in association with Furlenco – India’s pioneering online furniture rental company. This sketch is the first release of the campaign in which the two young, fun and urban companies join hands to make very relatable content for the urban millennial around the theme “Live Life To The Fullest”.

Acknowledging the merit of the fast growing digital entertainment industry, the video features popular film and theater actors Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha playing the protagonists.

The millennial psychology these days is to be socially present everywhere and at every given point of time. And the gamut of social media platforms has totally enabled the present day youth to do so. But what if our parents did the same? How would we react if our parents were posting snaps of almost everything they did on Snapchat or Instagram, instead of paying attention to us? Get a sense of what would it be like If Parents Behaved Like Us through this hilarious video by FilterCopy. The video is a role reversal depicting the social media fad.

Watch the video here!

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If Parents Behaved Like Us ft. Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chadha
If Parents Behaved Like Us ft. Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chadha

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