The makers of Bollywood’s first ever stoner comedy have released a new song titled Kripya Dhyaan De from High Jack.

Kripya Dhyaan De is a fast paced catchy number composed by SlowCheeta and Swetang Sarang and crooned by SlowCheeta.

The song is an ode to instructions given in an airplane featuring Sumeet Vyas taking over the atmosphere by playing his DJ console and on the other hand Sonnalli Seygall and Mantra are seen grooving to the unstoppable rap music.

Get grooving to the tunes of Kripya Dhyaan De from High Jack
Kripya Dhyaan De From High Jack: Bow Down, Step Aside, Groove Is Here!

The makers of Bollywood’s first ever stoner comedy took to Twitter sharing the song captioning, “Tune in to the power packed beats and this high-energy rap”.

The recently released trailer which showcases some madcap scenes and a unique concept, all happening in the sky has garnered love and appreciation from across the quarters.

High Jack marks the entry of Viu, the leading international OTT Video Service, into films.

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