It is most rightly said that “Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to heaven”. This statement holds a much deeper meaning than it seems. What truly signifies this is the third song from Legendary artist Gurdas Maan’s album titled Punjab, Mittar Pyare Nu’.

Mittar Pyare Nu, if just called a ‘song’, would be undermining its importance. It is Sikh religious hymn; a Shabad, by the tenth guru ‘Guru Gobind Singh ji’, who recited it in the Machivara Forest when separated from everyone. Despite the hardships, Guru Gobind Singh ji yearns for remembrance of Waheguru, as the connection with the guarding-spirit is the strongest of all.

This Shabad is very beautifully crooned by Gurdas Maan, and the story revolving around this has been conceived and conceptualized by Gurrick G Maan. He directed Gurdas Maan for the first time in the title track ‘Punjab’ of the album titled ‘Punjab’, and the track witnessed unprecedented success. This is the second time when he has directed Gurdas Maan, and very aptly picturized his vision, thus proving his profound ability to think laterally, and hence bringing out a masterpiece. This short musical film has been shot mainly in Chandigarh, Ropar, and Kurali. When spoken with Gurdas Maan ji on this, he said, “I am fortunate, rather blessed, to have got an opportunity to lend my voice to this beautiful Shabad which was recited by our tenth guru”

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This much-anticipated album Punjab is believed to be closest to Gurdas Maan’s heart as it is mirroring the reality of the real State of Punjab. Where, with the title track, Punjab’s blind side was shown, with “Makhna’ the warmth of hearts, vivaciousness, and high-spiritedness was depicted; with Mittar Pyare Nu we get to witness the eternal-ecstatic bond of man and the Almighty. With such finesse in every song and its story, we can’t wait to know what’s more in store for us on this album which is catering to the whole spectrum of emotions.

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