Salman Khan’s Jai Ho hasn’t exactly received the most terrific response at the box office that was expected from it. Jai Ho hasn’t been a failure but was capable of much more, but the actor has taken the performance in his stride saying that the film was a noble gesture to create a positive change which is above fame and box office numbers.


Check out the video right here:

Salman Khan
Salman Khan




  1. A wonderful film, it won my heart, and it will definitely will win yours too!! The story of the film is like a heart touching poem!!

  2. जय हो EK चालू मसाला मूवी नहीं है। … ये एक सोच है की अगर सब लोग इस सोच को फॉलो करे तोह केवल समाज ही नहीं देश भी सुधर जायेगा। .
    सलमान खान जी की जितनी भी तारीफ की जाये तोह कम है वे केवल उच्च कोटि के महानायक जी नहीं बल्की एक अच्छे इंसान है। .


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