The much awaited teaser of the year is out, for which the audiences has waited with bated breath all along. Living up to the promise of bigger and better, Dhoom 3 from its teaser seem way bigger than a mere cat and mouse chase game. With swanky promises of giving audiences their ultimate ‘wet dream’, the video runs the voice of its prime antagonist Aamir Khan with actors Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra chasing him. Katrina Kaif looks smashing and sizzles with panache.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the film is one of 2013’s biggest feats and the teaser sets the screens ablaze with its flawlessly done stunts.

Check out the teaser right here:

Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 Movie Stills
Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 Movie Stills

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  1. suck the trailer…………

    worst animation, specailly jr. bachhan with ladder ha ha
    dhoom 2 teaser was way better than this,

    sorry aamir, it was not your uniqueness, speciallist work at all,
    body is amazing sure

  2. List I said before it will be easy for A grade films to make 100cr quickly. Ticket prices and screen prints are they key. Dhoom 3 may also collect 200cr. Udhay Chopra has been out of scene a now he will be in a film which will sure shot be a hit. Should we call him King of Bollywood because his film may earn 200cr? Lol!!!!!

  3. Average teaser …… Katrina perfect , abhishek is looking charming … while amir khan .. I dont know …. why he is looking very old and not suitable for bike ride …… May be his acting overcomes his old look …… 2.5 / 5.

  4. This is just a teaser guys
    Its not a whole trailer .
    They just released this to create Curiosity.
    So SRK fans itna khush mat ho teaser dekhke

  5. average teaser………2/5 nothing special

    poor animation (totally nakli lag raha)
    hritik body was way better than aamir

    teaser haven’t lived up to the expecations.

  6. However, the trailer is not up to the mark, the media, critics, and channels will never give any negative review on it….becuase this is AMIR KHAN’S MOVIE.

  7. its aamir yaar he do those films which has good script and teaser is not up to the mark but the film will be very good for sure

  8. Funny to see Abhishek still struggling to nab hi-tech thieves since “Dhoom” – although he always got side-kicks as Uday (biker), then Bipasha (cop), “her twin sister” (was she a cop?), Aishwarya (the perfect bait) and the whole police force behind him…he never gets the chance to catch up at all!! If “Dhoom” franchise has been a success, it was solely due to the presence of a stylish villain – John, Hrithik and now Amir. Let’s wait and see the result now :)

  9. Chennai Express fans ki Phatt gayi hai teaser dekh kar to be very honest. Both Krrish 3 & D3 will out score C.E definitely.

  10. Please somebody keep you hand on you chest and try if you can say that the trailer of Dhoom 3 is anywhere close to Dhoom 2. Amir fans will like it because they didn’t see Amir doing things in movies but will you deny that it is much worse than Dhoom 2, let alone Don 2 or any other film??

  11. Teaser is not good at all. Big problem is Amir is looking out of his comfort zone. You know, when he was standing by the window. Amir’s voice was playing. I thought it would been so better if it was SRK. Because intensity he brings in movies Darr, Baazigar. and so many other films. Expressions that he brings while doing Action scenes. Damn, he would been a perfect choice. Amir expression in bike stunts, they are macho but puny. Intensity 0%

  12. Its a copy paste of multiple hollywood movie, nothing new. Audience should better go for a Hollywood action movie; that would be 100 times better than this copy crap. 300 cr is possible but next time with Dhoom4 where SRK will play the lead. This time 150-175cr.

  13. honestly didnt like teaser so much would wait for full theatrical trailer. just one thing i dont trust the director of this movie as he has given us a debacle in the form of tashan. other thing dhoom 1 and and 2 were hit for villains but those villains had some coolness as aamir seemed bit dull. i would like to say hritik and john were good but third one should have had ranbir kapoor hopefully the fourth one will. dhoom series is mainly for younger actors for coolness and style. and please change the cops abishek and uday still stuck in time same expressions and no good impression. when is the full theatrical trailer releasing. hope that aamir edits this movie.

  14. hey guys this teaser is just crap,

    is se acchi to holly wood ki C grade movie ka trailer hota hai.

    1/5 star only for the shit

  15. A Film like Dhoom needs a lead actor who has Intense look, Ruthless personality, Wicked smile, Manly voice, Urban style all these persona only one guy has….the KING SRK. He would have been the right choice. (DON 1 & 2, JOSH, Baazigar etc) Aamir has a very cute baby face. His voice is like school going boys. His hight is painfully short. He is a misfit for the role. sorry to say.

  16. Aamir Khan is the best choice 4 dhoom3 bqz this film only 4 aamir g. srk is best but only 4 romantic movies but his body is not set 4 action films, if srk is in dhoom. he can act his role verywell and offcoursehe he will. one thing that i never 4gt dhoom is the johan abraham and alwasy have.

  17. Srk kabhi bhi aamir ki barabari nahi kar sakta. dhoom 3 domestic 260 crore karegi ! Aur 2013 ki no.1 movie ho jayegi ! Sunny deol ki singh saab bhi chennai express better hogi !

  18. Plz Stop Commenting For Dhoom 3

    plz don’t give a maximum buzz for disaster film of hindi cinema

    Aamir khan ? ?

    he is looking antagonist ? ?

    sala AB ko a6i tarah fat bhi nai mar paaya hoga . .

    is se a6a trailer to RAM GOPAL VERMA KI AAG ka tha .. ..

    DHOOM 3 is disaster movie of hindi cinema ever

    are u satisfied all of u guys .

  19. I Wish the dhoom4 Abhishek have dubbol role one role vilione and one police officer you belive all fans abhishek the abhishek very good act in vilion u remember the Yuva film abhi very good perform in Yuva vilion role in Yuva and this my advice for aditiya chopra

  20. Amir khan is Break All Record’s and SRK is going loooooose his Position … i dont no why people like channei express, in hare no one like this movie this movie is totally Bakwas! but Dhoom3 is awesome


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