In the world of larger than life films where dreams are sold on a magnanimous altitude, there also exists a space for small budgeted, yet meaningful cinema. The ad wizard turned filmmaker Milind Dhaimade’s film Tu Hai Mera Sunday is one such film which belongs to this category. This is one film which is finding its space and foothold in the world of cinema, which is being dominated by the big daddies of Bollywood.


The makers of Tu Hai Mera Sunday have now released the film’s first track. The song has been very aptly titled Thodi Si Jagah De De, as the film is all about facing a space crunch in the big bad city of Mumbai. The flawless singer Arijit Singh has lent his honeyed voice to the song that rightly describes the film’s premise in the form of lyrics, which goes as ‘Teri galiyon mein laapata hoon main, bheed mein kahin khoye mere sapne hain, badi hai ghutan teri baahon mein, bas itni choot de ki, saath chal sake thodi si jagah de de…”

Arijit Singh’s Thodi Si Jagah In Tu Hai Mera Sunday Will Surely Pep You Up!
Arijit Singh’s Thodi Si Jagah In Tu Hai Mera Sunday Will Surely Pep You Up!

The said song, whose music has been composed by Amartya Rahut (BOBO Rahut) shows the montage sequences from the film, wherein the principal characters are shown fighting for every inch of their space, be it while travelling by buses, trains or even in an auto rickshaw! When the difficulties of them finding a place to practice football reach its pinnacle, they are shown practising their game in the basement of a car parking… only to be shooed away by the society’s watchman.

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The Thodi Si Jagah De De‘ is a perfect reminiscence of the emotions one has to express when they desire to have their own space.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday stars Barun Sobti, Shahana Goswami, Vishal Malhotra, Rasika Dugal and Manvi Gagroo amongst others.




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