Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan loves posting the latest that’s happening at work and home on his Twitter micro-blog. The actor spent his Sunday (June 6) at home with wife Gauri and kids Aryan and Suhana, who are camera-shy lot. Shah said while posting a family photo, “Sunday with family at home. Kids hate doing the picture so promised them a movie in return.”

Not surprisingly the super star also talks a lot about his superhero film, Ra.One. “Ate a lot of food as (people) all around me say I have lost too much weight. Did interesting shot, being pushed 20 ft by a 4 wheel, thinness helped,” said Shah Rukh on June 5.

The star even shares his hibby jibbies with his fans. Take this tweet, “Huge blue screen…100 cars….cranes wires…god I am making a film beyond my means. Will be dancing on the streets to pay for all this.”

Only the other day Shah Rukh spotted a rare bird on his home’s terrace in Mumbai and was compelled to click a snap. “This magnificent bird has landed on our terrace. Staring into the birds eyes…was wondering what it must be thinking. Daughter said it must be boring for her…let’s put on the TV. Ha ha! Little minds are so untainted by logic or reason…it’s so nice to have these innocent thoughts around me all the time.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s production company, Red Chillies has brought in a set of Hollywood technicians to shoot the action sequences for his superhero film. And the actor is very enthused about that. Sample this: “Sorry to bore you with tech details of Ra.One. I am highly impressed with way this unit works on the film. It’s a painful & gainful experience.”

Incidentally, the film’s unit recently shot some footage between Goregaon and Bandra local stations in Mumbai with multiple cameras rigged to a local train. Shah Rukh posted some pictures of that too. “Looks like a press conference on a rail… Putting up a picture of how we shot for the film Ra.One. Finally we used 23 cameras…and not even one star.”

And finally, the star tops his tweets up with just the right dose of philosophy, “My mantra for work changed 5 or 7 yrs ago I think. Now I don’t make movies to make money…I make money to make movies.”

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