The trade may remember the time when Sohail Khan and UTV’s Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna was due for release. It was being mentioned in hushed tones that UTV was not promoting the film to the fullest. At that time, of course, both, UTV and Sohail Khan, denied that there was anything wrong. But now that the film has been released and has bombed miserably, the problem is out in the open. Sohail Khan has complained to the IMPPA that out of the Rs. 3.5 crore UTV owed him, it has paid only Rs. 50 lakh. The complaint of Sohail accuses UTV of “raising several false and frivolous issues which are of no relevance” with a view to avoid making him the balance payment of Rs. 3 crore. Sohail Khan has sought the IMPPA’s intervention in the matter. One doesn’t know UTV’s version of the story or its reply to the allegations made against it by Sohail Khan, but one thing is clear: when there’s a partnership in the production of a film, and accounts are not settled before the film’s release, there are bound to be disputes if the film flops. So, nothing that was unexpected has taken place in the case of Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna!

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