It is quite usual for producers and distributors to steer clear of big competition. That is why many producers and distributors do not release their films without verifying if another big film is slated for release on the same day. Hrithik Roshan’s Kites was feared to come like a cyclone and it is because of this very reason that filmmakers shied away from the release date of not just 21st May, when it hit the screens, but also of the following Friday (28th May).

Why, the producers of a big star-cast film like Raajneeti preferred to wait for two weeks and only then release their film. That is why, Prakash Jha announced his film’s release date as 4th June, two weeks after Kites. The irony is that Kites has bombed so badly that it would’ve been perfectly in order to get a big film on May 28. But since producers assumed that Kites would hit the bull’s eye, nobody ventured to release his film even a week after the release of Kites.

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