Lin-Manuel Miranda Knew Andrew Garfield Was In Spider-Man: No Way Home Before It Released & Here’s How
Lin-Manuel Miranda Knew Andrew Garfield Was In Spider-Man: No Way Home Before Its Release ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially Spider-Man ones were ecstatic when they saw Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire join Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film saw three generations of Spidey work together as they took on several past villains and saved the multiverse.


Ever since signing the film, way back in 2019, Andrew and Tobey kept their appearance a secret. When rumours of their cameo surfaced, Garfield was asked about it during several interviews but he was successful in keeping the cat in the bag. But turns out, his Tick, Tick… Boom! director Lin-Manuel Miranda knew about it.


How do you ask? Well, during his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed he figured out Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man cameo in the MCU film even though he lied about it. The Tick, Tick… Boom! director said, “So the day it leaked he might be involved, he was on my set. We were still filming, and between shots, I kind of quietly went over to him and was like, ‘Andrew, are you in the new Spider-Man?’”

Revealing Andrew Garfield’s high-pitched response and how he knew it was a lie, Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “His exact reaction was, ‘What?! Shut up! Shut up! Hahaha! Shut up!’” Miranda then mimicked Garfield’s nervous laughter and said matter-of-factly, “And I walked away thinking, ‘Oh, he’s in the new Spider-Man.’”

Well, Andrew, you may have been smart enough to lie to the media and several talk show hosts successfully for two years – but when you work with someone, they know you inside out. And lying becomes very difficult.

Recently, Andrew Garfield revealed his dad, brother and mother knew of his cameo as Spider-Man in 2019 along with his agent. The actor also admitted to lying to his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone about it on being quizzed about it.

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