The Godfather Fame Al Pacino On Why He Didn't Attend The Oscars After The Film's Nomination: "I Was Afraid..."
Al Pacino Shares Why He Skipped Oscars When The Godfather Was Nominated(Pic Credit: Wikipedia, IMDb)

Al Pacino missed the Oscars when his iconic movie The Godfather was nominated for it, and now the actor has opened up about the reason behind it. Every movie buff has watched the universally acclaimed trilogy, which started 50 years ago in 1972. Not only did Francis Ford Coppola redefine cinema, but it also created a huge impact on how many crime movies were made.


For those who are a fan of the movie, due to its 50th anniversary, the film is being headed back to the silver screen. It has been released in some selected cinemas and has been remastered in 4K ultra HD.


While talking about The Godfather, Al Pacino, who plays the role of Michael Corleone, has opened up about his decision not to attend the Oscars when the film was nominated. While speaking with The New York Times, Al said that he was in a more “rebellious” stage of his career back then.

“I was somewhat uncomfortable with being in that situation, being in that world. I was also working onstage in Boston at that time [in “Richard III”]. But that was an excuse. I just was afraid to go,” Al Pacino continued. “I was young, younger than even my years. I was young in terms of the newness of all this. It was the old shot-out-of-a-cannon syndrome. And it’s connected to drugs and those kinds of things, which I was engaged in back there, and I think that had a lot to do with it. I was just unaware of things back then,” The Godfather actor added.

He was nominated under the category of Best Supporting Actor, but he didn’t win it. However, Marlon Brando, aka Vito Corleone, won the Academy Award for Best Actor back then.

It’s been years since The Godfather came out, and since then, Al Pacino has delivered several more iconic films, which has got him an Oscar.

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