Zubair Khan, who has been evicted from the 11th season of controversial reality TV show “Bigg Boss”, has slammed host Salman Khan by saying the superstar changed his “bad boy” image with Being Human and has challenged him to meet him in person.


“You speak about Being Human, you changed your image after the car accident when you were told that you have become such a bad boy. We have your entire report. You just show off with your brand Being Human,” Zubair said.

“We know all about your look-outs, with who you live and which actress you roam with,” he added.

'Bigg Boss' evicted contestant slams Salman Khan
Zubair Khan SLAMS Salman Khan: “You Just Show Off With Your Brand Being Human”

The former contestant challenged Salman to meet him personally without a bodyguard.

“Where you want to call me, come without a bodyguard. Even if you come along (with) a bodyguard, that would also do,” Zubair said.

Zubair was ousted from reality television show. He has filed a written complaint against Salman accusing him of allegedly threatening him in the October 7 night episode of the Bigg Boss elimination show.

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Salman had blasted Zubair for allegedly misbehaving with some housemates.

Zubair also claimed that Bigg Boss is “fully scripted” and slammed it as a “fake reality show”.

In his complaint, Zubair said he “consumed pills to get out of the Bigg Boss set”. He had made an exit from the set due to his health before the eviction episode on Sunday.

Salman had announced that Zubair had secured the least number of votes and was eliminated for the season. After this, he filed a complaint against Salman Khan saying that the megastar threatened him.

Apparently, Bhaijaan pointed out that he needs to stop faking his identity as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. Salman also asked him to stop calling him Bhai and said, “Tu Mujhe Bhai-waai nahi bolega. Kasam Khuda ki, tujhe kutta na bana diya toh mera naam Salman Khan nahi.

He was bashed for stooping so low and using terms like ‘2 Rs woman’. The episode was one hell of a ride as Salman didn’t spare anyone and gave a dose of his special medicine personally to each contestant.

Zubair has allegedly filed a police complaint at the Antop Hill Police Station (Thane, Mumbai) against Salman for threatening him. A copy of the complaint is being circulated on social media.




  1. This man is mentally unstable and downright stupid. His suggestion about Salman meeting him without a bodyguard is ludicrous. Why should Salman lower himself to meet with such a low class man to prove what. Just to show the world that men like Zubair Khan is lowlife. His taking the pills to kill himself should havs work because it shows just how stupid and ignorant he is. Dumb moron

  2. He want to come back and he want get himself a popularity in social media he is a sick person with mentality disturbance losing from Big Boss just like Om Baba


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