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Loki 3: Tom Hiddleston ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

In a recent Variety interview, Tom Hiddleston, known for his portrayal of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, addressed the effectiveness of the second season’s conclusion, which was echoed by many fans. Despite this, Hiddleston remains open to the possibility of a third season. He mentioned being frequently asked about the potential continuation of Loki’s story but confessed to lacking a definitive answer, highlighting his uncertainty about the character’s future in the MCU. While acknowledging that Season 2 has provided a suitable ending, Hiddleston expressed contentment even if it marked the conclusion of Loki’s journey.

Tom Hiddleston expressed uncertainty when questioned about the possibility of Loki Season 3. He stated, “I truthfully don’t know.” When discussing Season 2, Hiddleston revealed his pride in the character’s growth, highlighting Loki’s evolution from a shattered soul in Asgard to a protector of others. He underscored the honor he felt in portraying this transformative journey.

Though Hiddleston isn’t firmly committing to a comeback, his uncertainty about Loki’s fate is notable, suggesting he’s open to the idea and deferring the decision to Disney and Marvel Studios. Additionally, producers have teased spinoffs centered around other characters, hinting at further growth for the show.

Producer Kevin Wright described the approach to wrapping up the storyline during an interview on the Phase Zero podcast. He characterized Season 1 as one chapter and Season 2 as another, indicating that the ending at this point felt fitting. Despite this, Wright expressed admiration for the universe and its characters, expressing eagerness to delve into more tales involving Sylvie and the TVA. He also expressed interest in pursuing additional Loki narratives if the opportunity presents itself. Ultimately, Wright emphasized his appreciation for collaborating with the team responsible for the two seasons of the show.

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