Actor Sehban Azim has been part of many renowned shows and is quite the household name. While he loves being part of the industry, he feels that the TRP system needs to be altered as makers are making shows only based on that. Sehban said, “I don’t think we need any changes apart from changes in the TRP game that affects the entire scenario of daily soaps and how they are being made. It affects the entire flow. Makers are asked to weave a story that viewers want to see, based on the TRP charts, rather than what producers want to show or how ideally the story should have been scripted or televised. We all love to see a show that’s high on drama so to keep that drama high the makers have to be on their toes to find and add high points wherever and whenever needed so that the viewers stay glued to that soap.”

“It definitely keeps the audience engaged. To maintain it all the producers and the channels can’t follow a bound script as the story gets scripted on a monthly basis of the charts. In this process, the graph of the soap tends to deviate from one thing to the other, and gradually it loses the graph to the story and the characters too. So in all, you start a TV soap on a different note and you end up on an entirely different note. It’s a catch 22 situation and nobody can be blamed for it,” he says.

Sehban Azim: Makers weave stories based on TRPs
Tujshe Hai Raabta Actor Sehban Azim: “Makers Are Asked To Weave Stories Based On TRP Charts Rather Than…”

The actor is currently part of the show Tujhse Hai Raabta produced by Full House Media (Amir and Sonali Jaffar) , is really enjoying being part of the show. “It’s different from all the characters I have played so far. Firstly, he is an ACP so a lot of layers are added to the character. As a man, he’s entirely different outside compared to what he is in his house. His journey is not an easy one, it’s like how when you are righteous and honest, life becomes more difficult, it’s the same with Malhar Rane. Secondly, he has been betrayed by his first wife, who left him for money and a better lifestyle and was cheating on him even before they got married. He has been through emotional turmoil. Thirdly, his wife left him with a new born who he loves and adores and would do anything to make sure he’s growing fine. This fatherly emotion was something I have never experienced and it was something new to learn as an actor and personally. Fourthly, he’s now married to 19-year-old Kalyani who he’s falling in love with, someone he’s starting to trust after so long, someone who exactly opposite to what he is, someone he needs to protect and take care of, make sure she’s also educated at the same time,” he says.

In fact, playing a police officer has helped him respect them more. “I have so much more respect for police officers, the life they live and the survival, it’s not easy at all, police officers in India don’t have a leisurely lifestyle no matter what post they get. To stay honest and righteous is so difficult with the society that’s falling for money and a better lifestyle. The balance they have to make with the family, the job and the country they serve. It’s like walking on eggshells,” he says, adding, “To be honest, every time I wear my police costume, there’s a sense of pride that comes aromatically from within, my posture and mannerism changes on its own. I stand more erect. I feel more responsible and at the same time, I get a wonderful feeling that I serve my country.”

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