The O.C Actor Tate Donovan: "I Had Dated Jennifer Aniston, So I Knew Everybody"
The O.C Actor Tate Donovan: “I Had Dated Jennifer Aniston, So I Knew Everybody” (Photo Credit – Getty Images)

Actor Tate Donovan, who is best known for his role of Jimmy Cooper in the drama series, The O.C., says most Hollywood projects lack diversity.

In an interview with IANS, Donovan opened up about his career as an actor, director and voice artist in the West, and shared his views on the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

“Most of Hollywood lacks diversity. It’s one of the big problems. We really need to change. It’s ridiculous. It has been since the beginning of my career. It’s embarrassing to see just white men on the set,” he said, accepting the hit sitcom “Friends”, too, lacked of diversity.

Donovan guest-starred in “Friends“. Despite being one of the most successful American shows of all time, “Friends” has lately been criticised for lacking diversity with even series co-creator Marta Kauffman and actors including David Schwimmer admitting to the problem.

Emphasising on bringing about change, Donovan added: “Change can’t come quick enough, but I think things are gradually changing. Both #MeToo And #BlacKLivesMatter have affected people, and I think people are really woken up now to implement necessary changes,” he added.

On a lighter note, Donovan recalled his cameo in “Friends”, starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

“They were so good at their jobs. I had dated Jennifer Aniston, so I knew everybody. I would always go and watch their tapings and stuff like that. They’re just so good at their jobs. And they made me feel very welcome. It was great. I had a lot of fun with the cast and crew,” he reminisced.

Donovan’s current work projects include narrating the National Geographic documentary “Expedition Everest”, which showcases the journey of a team of international scientists, climbers and storytellers to the top of the world’s highest peak, to conduct the most comprehensive, single scientific expedition in Mount Everest history.

“I was thrilled that I was asked to narrate because it’s an amazing story about how these scientists and other people studied the climate and biosphere of Mount Everest. It’s really an eye-opening and informative documentary,” he summed up.

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