The Boys Season 2: The Makers Treat Fans By Releasing Soundtrack, Work On Season 3 Begins
The Boys Season 2: The Makers Treat Fans By Releasing Soundtrack, Work On Season 3 Begins (Photo Credit – IMDB )

Amazon’s outrageously explicit satire of superhero culture The Boys has a huge fan following now. The series was released on July 26 2019, more than 6 million subscribers have streamed the show within 10 days of its release, reports Nielson. The second season of the series was released on September 4 and currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

While Amazon has now ordered the third season of the popular series and a spin-off is also in development, the makers have now released a soundtrack, The Boys: Season 2 on Madison Gate Records. The song features from the show’s composer, Christopher Lennertz.



The Boy’s song composer, who took inputs from creator Eric Kripke, was meant to evoke the spirit of its antiheroes, who are a group of mercenaries who go up against evil. They are corporatized superheroes that call themselves The Seven.

Talking about the soundtrack, Christopher Lennertz said to Hollywood Reporter, “They’re aggressive, gritty and floppy. So it ended up sounding like a garage band, with British punk meets experimental sound and noise elements to it.”

He has also revealed that the writing for Season 3 of The Boys is already finished although he didn’t get a chance to have a look at the scripts yet. The filming of the third season will soon commence with all the precautionary measures in place owing to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke had previously said to RadioTimes that the series was created to make fun of superheroes but the remarkable web series went beyond just that. The series has several scenes that take jabs at the saturated genre and its most iconic characters, many of which end in shocking moments of depravity. The show is in service to a broader satire that aims at a world threatened by political extremism, individual apathy, and corporate greed.

“They seem to always take on a lot of commentary on society. I would be shocked if the issues we’re going through now weren’t commented on,” Lennertz says of the show’s writers.

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