Stranger Things VS Dark Is Fine, But Did You Notice German Show's Similarities With Sacred Games?
Stranger Things VS Dark Is Fine, But Did You Notice German Show’s Similarities With Sacred Games?

Dark Season 3 is all set to start streaming from tomorrow onwards on Netflix and the expectations are sky-high. While the show is easily one of the best sci-fi shows ever produced and has an extraordinarily complex concept which deals with time travel-related paradoxes, at times its comparisons have been made with Netflix’s another show Stranger Things.


Well, there are actually a few similarities between Dark & Stranger Things but didn’t you notice some parallels between German series & Netflix’s Indian show Sacred Games? Before you jump upon me and ask how can I compare both shows, let me put this straight. Dark is any day a superior web show compared to Sacred Games but let me tell you step by step, what makes me think both shows are a little similar to each other.


1) Sacred Games has a cult that functions aggressively to start a new world and so has Dark. In Dark, there’s a cult named Sic Mundus Creates Est which has manipulated so many people in a way that they are unknowingly working towards creating a world without Time & God.

2) In Sacred Games season 1, we see Ganesh Gaitonde as the ultimate gangster who calls himself God. But it is in seasons 2 that we know that he is just a small part of the larger game which is being played by Guruji. Gaitonde in season 2 of Sacred Games comes out as a mere puppet of Guruji.

Similarly in Dark, we see Noah as the villain but it comes out in season 2 that he is just a puppet of Adam.

3) In Sacred Games, Guruji seeks Balidaan from his followers, “Balidaan dena hoga” and in Dark, Adam wants his travellers to make sacrifices to fulfil what he believes is the greater good.

4) In Sacred Games, there are talks of the doomsday and how on that day “sirf Trivedi Bachega.” There’s a bunker shown in the show which has been prepared to save selected people from dying. Similarly in Dark, we see a bunker where a few people reach to save themselves from the apocalypse.

What do you think?

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