Netflix’s Dark Recap Part 2: Here’s All What Happened In The Second Season Of The German Sci-Fi Show
Netflix’s Dark Recap Part 2: Here’s All What Happened In The Second Season Of The German Sci-Fi Show(Pic Credit – Netflix/Instagram)

After giving you a recap to everything that happened in Dark Season 1, now we are here with season 2’s recap. Dark Season 3 which is also the finale is all set to start streaming on Netflix from tomorrow. So now is the time when all of you can refresh everything in your mind and know what happened in the show so far.


Note: If you haven’t started watching Dark as of now, we request you to complete it first. major spoilers ahead:

Before taking you back, Here’s the tree of all families involved in Dark which need you to understand.


At the end of season 1 of Dark, Jonas Kahnwald manages to time travel to 2053 where he is welcomed on a gunpoint. Lol! In 2053, Winden looks like a city destroyed by war. Perhaps, it’s the post-apocalyptic effect.

Those who have survived in 2052 are led by a badass woman who is also the leader of Sic Mundus Creates Est cult in that era. That woman is shown as deaf and dumb just like little Elizabeth in 2019. One day Jonas decides to go to the place where the nuclear power plant was, and is shocked to see something like God Particle present there.

Meanwhile in present i.e. June 21, 2020, apocalypse is just a week away. A detective named Clausen is in Winden to investigate the disappearance of people and is being supported by Charlotte Doppler. Meanwhile, Elizbeth finds an old photo in which she can see Noah. Now, she is shocked to see him because she had a strange encounter with him in Season 1 just before the disappearance of her best friend Yasin. The backside of the photo has Sic Mundus Creates Est written over it and it has a timestamp of 1921.

Hannah tries to kill herself but the Stranger comes to meet her and she stops. He tells her that he is Jonas from the future. The stranger also tells her about the time travel and takes her along in the 80s where she sees young Mikkel.

In 1921, we see two men working on the mysterious cave. While one is happily doing it, the other one is not so convinced. When the first one asks him if he doesn’t believe in Adam’s prophecy, he doesn’t give sufficient answer and instead says he is expecting there would be a day when he won’t believe in what Adam says. It is also revealed at that time that the first man is Noah who backstabs the second one and kills him right there. It is also learnt here that Noah had created the cave for Adam so that people can time travel through it in the future.

Young Noah meets older Noah who mentors him for what lies in the future.

Young Noah & Old Noah In Dark
Young Noah & Old Noah In Dark

In 2053, Jonas is almost punished to death for not obliging the cult leader and going to the nuclear power plant area. Just when he is going to be hanged to death, he says something which makes the cult leader shoot towards the rope and save his life. Jonas is saved but his neck gets a lifetime mark.

He goes back to the area and by stabilising the God Particle manages to time travel again. However, this time he goes straight to 1921. Here he starts living at young Noah’s place, and with the help of Noah of 50s he meets Adam. Here a big revelation is made by Adam that he is Jonas himself. This means Jonas at some point turns into the Stranger and he then becomes Adam during the time travel journey. He also tells him that everything which is done so far had to be done because it was necessary for the greater purpose. Talking about the final version of time travel machine, he shows him the God Particle. This appears to be the same God Particle which Jonas used in 2053 but it’s a better version because it beats the 33-year barrier. With the God Particle Adam shows Jonas, he can travel to any date he wants.

Jonas decides to go back to the date when his dad died of suicide. He wants to stop that event to occur so that Mikkel doesn’t have to disappear and similarly to stop everything that happened later on. He uses the portal and reaches the same period where everything is fine. Jonas and Martha’s romance is in the budding stage and both of them along with friends Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska go to a lake. At the lake, while chatting, Jonas and Martha find a coin in the sand that we have seen being used by the Stranger too earlier. Jonas and Martha almost share a kiss there but then he leaves. Traveller Jonas who is watching everything comes to the scene and leaves Martha surprised. He then kisses Martha and tells her, “We are perfect together, don’t believe anything else”. After this Martha and Jonas meet at Ulrich and Katharina’s wedding anniversary where they get intimate. Interestingly, in this scene Jonas is under impression that Martha has made the first move but Martha thinks it’s Jonas because he kissed her at the lake. She has no clue here that it was Traveller Jonas who kissed her at the lake.

Also at the party, Ulrich and Hannah kiss each other and that’s how an affair starts between them. Meanwhile, Traveller Jonas goes to meet his father Michael, and stops him from committing suicide. While talking to him, he comes to know that Michael hadn’t even thought of suicide yet. Traveller Jonas shows Michael the letter he had written before committing suicide. They also discuss how he got lost that night as Mikkel, to which Michael tells Traveller Jonas that he took him inside the cave. Traveller Jonas is surprised because he has no clue about it. It is then learnt that while Mikkel lost track of Jonas (who is now Traveller Jonas), another Jonas (now Stranger, then Traveller Jonas) took him along to the cave which made him travel back to 1986. This is where old Claudia arrives and tells Traveller Jonas how he has been manipulated by Adam for doing exactly what he wanted to stop. Before Traveller Jonas’ coming to 2019 and telling Michael to not commit suicide, he hadn’t even thought about it. So in a way, he created an idea in the mind of Michael to commit suicide so that young Mikkel lives on and gives birth to Jonas in the future.

Michael & Family In Dark
Michael & Family In Dark

In 1980s old Claudia goes to meet her younger version at the Nuclear Power Plant and tells her that she’s going to start Time Travel from now on. There she buries the time machine for her to find later and goes back to her time.

In the 1950s Agnes Nielsen is having a lusty affair with Doris (wife of Egon) and at the same time is working for Claudia of 2019. Claudia tells Agnes that she’s going to die tonight and gives her a task to complete. Agnes goes to meet Noah who turns out to be her brother which means the grand uncle of Ulrich. Noah and Agnes had parted ways when she joined Claudia and now as she comes to meet him, she gives her the paper which was handed over to her by Claudia. After the meeting, Noah kills Claudia and gets some missing pages of a book from her. After reading those pages he is shocked for some reason. Meanwhile, Claudia of the 1980s travels to 2020 and visits a library. There she researches about her family and finds out that her father Egon died mysteriously just a few days back.

In the 1980s, Egon is struggling with cancer and still investigating the case of Mads’ disappearance. He also remembers the mysterious guy whom he arrested back in the 1950s and decides to go and meet him. As he visits him at a special care center, Ulrich has turned very old. He asks him about the 1980s’ song quote which he surprisingly used back in the 1950s. Ulrich tells him that he is a time traveller. During another meeting with Ulrich, Egon also shows him a picture of young Mikkel and asks him if he knows the guy. After seeing the picture, Ulrich goes mad and attacks Egon who runs away from there. Ulrich also breaks out of the center and meets Mikkel and both of them share an emotional moment. As both of them try to travel in future to their time through the cave, they are again stopped by Egon. Ulrich is arrested again and as a result, both are again trapped in the 1980s. While going back along with the police, Ulrich also sees his kids Martha and Magnus who have just travelled to the 80s and it makes an emotional moment.

Parallelly, Hannah uses the time machine to travel back in the 1950s to meet Ulrich in jail. She meets Egon and introduces herself as the wife of Ulrich i.e. Katharina. However, when she meets Ulrich, their meeting doesn’t turn out to be good and Hannah is then shown flirting with Egon. Katharina is also trying to travel back to the 1980s and Claudia upon learning about the health of her father Egon tries to convince him to stay with her. Later, Egon also realises that his daughter is the same old lady he met back in the 1950s. Egon and Claudia also have an argument following which she pushes him down and he gets killed. As she is crying following her father’s death, Traveller Jonas comes and meets her. Traveller Jonas takes Claudia along with him promising that they together can fix the things.

Now it is June 27, 2020, which is the day of apocalypse. Martha and the Stranger meet who tells her that he is grown up Jonas. He also takes her to the bunker where she can stay and save her life during the apocalypse. The Stranger insists her to stay there but she escapes when Peter along with Elizabeth come at the bunker. Claudia goes to meet Regina and admits being a bad mother. However, she wants to take her to the bunker so that they can survive the apocalypse. Noah confronts Adam and tries to kill him but fails. Instead, Agnes kills Noah on the instruction of Adam. Meanwhile, young Noah time travels to 2020 and meets the Stranger. He also hands over an apparent letter from Martha to the Stranger. Upon reading the letter, The Stranger is left shocked and leaves from there. On his way, he also takes Magnus, Franziska, and Bartosz along and tells them that he is grown up and Jonas and together they need to fix the timeline. At the Sic Mundus Creates Est, it is confirmed that two henchmen of Adam are none other than grown-up Magnus and Franziska. Bartosz is not with Adam which means, the guy who was killed by young Noah earlier was him.

Detective Clausen At Nuclear Power Planyt In Dark
Detective Clausen At Nuclear Power Planyt In Dark

In 2020, Detective Clausen is also trying to investigate the case of disappearance. He gets a clue that there is something in the nuclear power plant which can help him solve the case. As he gets the search warrant for the nuclear power plant, he raids and discovers that nuclear wastage has been hidden here. Upon unleashing, it takes the form of God Particle which means it was Clausen who was sent to Winden to trigger the apocalypse. As the God Particle emerges, a portal is created through which Charlotte of 2020 and Elizabeth of 2053 see each other. Now here the most mind-fucking revelation is made and it is that Elizabeth is Claudia’s mother as well as the daughter. At the bunker, young Noah is shown falling in love with Elizabeth which means at some point in time they will give birth to Charlotte.

Martha at the same time is shown meeting Jonas who have an emotional moment. Adam comes and kills Martha thus giving Jonas a pain of life which will make him what he needs to be in the future. A heartbroken Jonas then gets a visitor who is none other than alternate Martha. She has a new kind of time machine and tells Jonas that she is from a different world. This is where the season 2 ends.

Now in season 3, we are going to see a different world altogether, and most probably the concept of the multiverse will be introduced.

Are you excited?

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