Stranger Things Actress Winona Ryder Was THANKFUL For Being Arrested Over Shoplifting - PAST TENSE(D)
Stranger Things Actress Winona Ryder Was THANKFUL For Being Arrested Over Shoplifting – PAST TENSE(D) (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Winona Ryder has evolved beautifully over the years. We’re not just saying it as an actress, but also a person. As far as her career is concerned, projects like Girl Interrupted, Little Women amongst others are enough to prove her talent. She is also seen in Netflix’s teenage drama, Stranger Things. But do you know there was a time when she was arrested for shoplifting? Below is the scoop you need.


It was back in 2001 when Winona was snapped at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, California. She was captured on CCTV, stealing items worth of thousands of dollars at the department store. Owing to it all, Ryder was arrested by the police.


Many refused to believe that it was Winona Ryder, or thought of it as some misunderstanding. In fact, the Stranger Things actress too refused to speak about it for long. It was finally in 2013, she decided to break her silence.

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Winona Ryder said that she was thankful for the incident. She was going through a rough phase and that misshapen stopped her from crashing on the ground.

“That thing that happened, I was starting to have some trouble before that. I think a lot of people think that is what sort of sent me off in another direction, but I was actually starting to have some trouble a few years before,” she said.

Owing to the same, Winona even lost job opportunities. Many filmmakers distanced themselves thinking she was going through a breakdown. But the actress has no regrets whatsoever.

Winona Ryder concluded, “I did come up against what felt like a wall. And with what happened … I really needed the time off, which ended up being a couple of years. In a weird way, it was almost like the best thing that could have happened because I’d never asked myself the question before of, ‘Is it okay if I’m not going to act? Is there anything else?’ because that was all that I really knew.”

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