Scam 1992 Fame Pratik Reveals His Cousin Lost A Good Amount Of Money In Harshad Mehta's Scam
Scam 1992: Pratik Reveals His Cousin Lost A Good Amount Of Money In The Scam Orchestrated By Harshad Mehta (Pic credit: Still from series / Pratik Gandhi ; wikipedia / Harshad Mehta )

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story is a rage among its viewers. Though the show started to accumulate good word of mouth slowly, over the last few months, Pratik Gandhi led show has been a talk to the town. In his recent interaction, Pratik revealed a whole lot of things that changed after the show.

He even compared the euphoria of this show with his first Gujarati film Bey Yaar which was a game-changer for him. He revealed how his cousin lost a good amount of money in the scam orchestrated by Harshad Mehta.

While talking to Indian Express, Pratik Gandhi said, “Last year, at this time, we were shooting for Scam in full force. The excitement was the same as I was working with the best of people, on a great subject and an author-backed character. Such dream projects don’t come to an actor every day. And I see the entire process from a very spiritual angle. It’ll happen if you’re destined to do it, and you have to make the most of it. I knew something good is bound to happen with the show. But nobody anticipated that’d become this huge. I haven’t seen a single negative comment (about the show) on social media.”

On the continuous praise he has been getting since the release of Scam 1992, Gandhi added, “For the first five days, I was awestruck. I was unable to find words. When someone is constantly praising you, beyond a point, you don’t know what to say beyond a ‘thank you’. I didn’t know how to express myself. It’s been more than two months, and the appreciation still continues.

He also revealed why the show is clicking well with the Indian audience. Pratik Gandhi added, “I had experienced a similar kind of euphoria during the release of Bey Yaar, my first Gujarati film, which was also an honest, small attempt. Suddenly it became a rage and changed the face of Gujarati cinema. So, I suppose what worked with the audience was honesty. Scam 1992 humanises the entire angle. We weren’t approaching it from a hero or a villain angle. Also, before Scam 1992, the shows on the OTT space were crime-based with a lot of bloodshed, skin-show and abuses. The scam came as a breath of fresh air. It’s a family show. So, a lot of factors worked for Scam 1992.”

“Very faint memories. I was in school in 1992, and I knew that something had happened in the country which had shaken up the whole financial system. Also, my cousin lost a good amount of money,” revealed the Scam 1992 star Pratik Gandhi.

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