A few days earlier, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke actress Roopal Tyagi took to her Instagram page and called out the hypocrisy of the television industry. In her Insta post, Tyagi mentioned how the makers of TV serials show that their shows are progressive but they are really regressive when it comes to showing female characters.

Roopal Tyagi wrote, “When are we going to stop faking it? I say faking cause a lot of us now actually think there is a lot of progressive content on TV. I used to be one. But i was so wrong. No. There isn’t. 85% of our shows are downright regressive and portray “THE LEAD” in bad light. Let me explain. You think you make a show about a “dark” skinned girl, a “short” girl, a “fat” girl etc and about the problems they face and call it a progressive show. No. All that such shows are doing is instilling subliminally that these very normal basic physical characteristics of a woman’s body are actually something to be ashamed of. And just like your “heroine”, our real life women can either cry or (the latest fad) – fight back!”

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke's Roopal Tyagi Calls Out TV Industry's Hypocrisy; Says She Was Asked To Do Nose & Cheek Job To Look Better!
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Actress Roopal Tyagi Calls Out Industry’s Hypocrisy: “Was told to get a nose job & cheek job done..”

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Roopal Tyagi was asked what thoughts came to her mind that made her share this post. The actress said, “It was not a spur of the moment decision. I knew saying anything wasn’t going to make a difference in anyone’s life. Recently, when I met a young 15-16 girl who was called by a TV character’s name, but I was appalled to know that they do so as like a TV character, she is dark and fat. It disturbed me and played a major role in me speaking up via the post. With the post, if I have changed even one person’s view, then it was worth it.”

Roopal Tyagi also revealed that she was once told to get nose and cheeck job done so that she could look better. She shared, “I was told to get a nose job and cheek job done to look better. I would wear makeup even when I stepped out to watch a film. Later, I realised I was changing myself to fit someone else’s idea of a beautiful person. I went through the grind only to realise that I was always okay.”

Roopal said that she doesn’t understand why the focus in the TV industry has gone from talent to look. They cannot focus only on looks.

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