Exactly a week ago, Money Heist Season 4 aka La Casa de Papel started streaming on Netflix. The fourth season received great response fans worldwide. After giving us an action-packed and powerful season, the makers have shared a documentary on La Casa de Papel titled  ‘Money Heist: The Phenomenon’.


This 57-minute documentary is riveting as the entire series. If you haven’t watched the latest season yet, I advise you not to read this article.

Money Heist: The Phenomenon features the creator of the show Álex Pina and lead actors Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Jaime Lorente, Alba Flores, Darko Peric, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Miguel Herrán and Pedro Alonso. The team of Money Heist tells us about all the hard work that went behind making the show what it is today. This documentary is narrated by show’s writer Javier Gómez Santander.

Money Heist: The Phenomenon (Netflix): This Documentary On La Casa De Papel Shows Everything That Helped In Making This Show The Best!
Money Heist: The Phenomenon (Netflix): This Documentary On La Casa De Papel Shows Everything That Helped In Making This Series The Best!

Creator Álex Pina shared that when the show failed to win people’s hearts after two seasons on TV, they had called it off in 2017. But when it came on Netflix, the worldwide response was great. Owing to the humongous response, Netflix contacted Alex and asked him to renew the series. Álex Pina said that he took 2 months to decide and say yes to Netflix as the show was watched globally and he wanted to give a remarkable story to fans.

The actors express they were heartbroken and cried a lot when the show was called off after two seasons. However, after Netflix’s reach of the show, the stars show the real impact of LCDP.  They saw how a lot of people in different countries would wear the Salvador Dali masks for protests against the govt, to fight for feminist rights and more. However, their show also inspired a few people to conduct robberies wearing the same masks. This was the only drawback.


The names of the characters have been the intriguing factor of the show. They all are named after places and the first character to get the name was Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo. Álex was wearing a t-shirt that had Tokyo printed on it and they decided that will be the name of the lead character in La Casa de Papel.

The actors talk about how they weren’t used to fame and people following. After the show’s success on Netflix, people used to follow them and ask for pics and autographs. Netflix changed their life entirely. Narrator Javier Gómez Santander gives a lot of reasons why Money Heist is one of the best shows out there. Javier says that the show depicts real emotions and passion in their characters. LCDP is full of breathtaking action and they now they have big guns (as seen in season 3 and 4).

One reason they stated that makes their show stand out is the death. The director has no qualm in killing any character for the storyline even if it’s Alba Flores’ Nairobi. In Money Heist Season 4, Gandia shoots Nairobi to death and fans are heartbroken and have been sharing on social media how they can’t digest what happened. In the documentary, Money Heist: The Phenomenon, we get to see how Alba was given a great farewell just like Nairobi was given on the show. The actress cries and says that the show made her the actress and person she is today and has no idea what to do now as her journey with MH is over.

Along with this, the documentary features the challenges actors faced while shooting several episodes, the fun they had and how once, the makers lost their cool as the scene took hours to shoot.

Watch this documentary if you are a die-hard Money Heist fan and only if you have finished the latest season. It will only take you closer to the characters and their journey.




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