It seems like a trolling period for the Bigg Boss fame Hina Khan. We can’t say this is in her fate or it’s just a bad-luck phase for her. This is the third time in a row that Hina Khan is being trolled for something.

Recently, she posted a video on social media of her dancing a shimmy dance. The moment the video was posted, she started getting a lot of negative comments.

Hina Khan slandered for dancing during Ramadan
Hina Khan Slandered For Dancing During The Auspicious Period Of Ramadan

A lot of people trolled her saying, “Ramzan ka to lehaz karti tum.” , “Ramadan ka mahina h kuch to sharam Karo hina roze rakh nahi rahi hogi kam se kam rozo ka ehtaram hi karlo.”, people also said, “U r doing wrong everything related to Islam its Ramadhan the month of ibadat at least try to respect it.”

Well all this mess didn’t stop Hina Khan from donning her attire. She posted some more pictures of her posing in her outfit. She knows perfectly how to handle her trolls.

She was trolled earlier for the Mother’s day and Ramzan tweet.

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