Geetanjali Mishra goes on Jhumka shopping spree in Lucknow's Aminabad Bazaar
Geetanjali Mishra goes on Jhumka shopping spree in Lucknow’s Aminabad Bazaar ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

“What Jhumkas!”, that’s what actress Geetanjali Mishra told herself when she saw them in Lucknow’s famous Aminabad Bazaar. The actress, who essays the role of Rajesh Singh in the television show ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,’ recently went on a shopping spree during her visit to Lucknow to promote the show and her entry into the show.

The actress, who possesses an extensive collection of Jhumkas, wears them during shoots and incorporates them into her style. For Geetanjali, acquiring a pair of Jhumkas is a must-do when travelling across India, showcasing her deep affection for these intricately designed treasures that seamlessly blend culture and fashion. And this time, she expanded her collection by adding several pairs of Jhumkas in one go.

Geetanjali Mishra shared that a common bond between her real-life persona and Rajesh is their fondness for Jhumkas.

Talking about her love for the Jhumka’s, Geetanjali Mishra said: “When it comes to jewellery, earrings always take the top spot for me. The right pair of earrings can transform your entire look magically. They are the first to catch anyone’s eye, so they must exude elegance and captivate attention. Whether it’s gatherings, parties, formal occasions, or traditional ceremonies, a pair of Jhumkas from my collection always emerges as the perfect choice to create a stylish impact. My affinity for authentic traditional jewellery deepened as I grew older, leading me to embrace Jhumkas as a regular accessory.”

The actress feels that there’s something magical about Jhumkas because of their intricate designs, vibrant colours, and the way they effortlessly blend tradition with elegance. They are, in a way, more than just a piece of accessory, but a symbol of heritage and artistry.

Geetanjali Mishra further mentioned: “The gentle sway and tinkling sound add to their allure, creating a mesmerising and enchanting vibe. I have a large collection of Jhumkas and keep collecting them everywhere I go. Over time, my collection has burgeoned to encompass an array of Jhumka styles, with Chaandbalis being a favourite due to their versatility that complements all my outfits. I’ve even designated a dedicated space to store them. Recently, during a visit to the historical city of Nawabs, Lucknow, I indulged in local street food and went on a shopping spree for traditional Jhumkas.”

She continued: “Aminabad Bazaar, Lucknow’s renowned market, became my haven. While on a shopping spree there, one can’t help but indulge in bulk purchases. This market house’s designs are steeped in history and not easily found elsewhere in other markets, big or small, across various cities. Believe it or not, I procured almost fifty pairs of Jhumkas, each boasting unique designs, colours, and sizes. However, fifty-one felt like an auspicious number, so I couldn’t resist adding one more as a special touch. Collecting pairs of earrings from different cities is a cherished ritual for me. If I don’t get to partake in this during my travels, I feel like my trip remains incomplete.”

Geetanjali shared that she prefers delicate, intricately designed jewellery that radiates simplicity and grace.

She said: “To me, jewellery embodies more than mere design; it encapsulates the essence of craftsmanship’s quality. Accessories, especially Jhumkas or earrings, add a touch of style and elevate the style quotient. Jhumkas are versatile and complement traditional and contemporary ensembles, making them a go-to accessory. I opt for jhumkas that are meticulously crafted and infused with artistry. If these pieces can be personalised to resonate with my personality, that’s the ultimate win.”

“I thoroughly enjoy the process of experimenting with my choices, whether it’s a hoop, suryakanti, Jhaalar, or my beloved Chaandbali, all complementing various traditional ensembles that I enjoy experimenting to complement the traditional Indian look,” she added.

‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ airs Monday to Friday on &TV.

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