Ed Sheeran Breaks Silence On Game Of Thrones Backlash
Ed Sheeran Made A Special Appearance In Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1(Pic Credit: Episode Still)

HBO’s magnum opus Game Of Thrones had a successful eight-season run and it still has fans across the globe, who are now waiting for House Of The Dragon. Now it isn’t like the final season of the period series impressed everyone. It did end up leaving a sour void and a major number of fans complained. Similarly, there have been many moments throughout the decade that were not welcomed. One of them was the most awaited yet controversial cameo on the show.

No, we aren’t talking about George Bush (He was on the show too), it was Ed. The singer made his way to the show in the first episode of season 7. He was seen sharing screen space with Massie Williams’ Arya Stark. We see him as a Lannister soldier who is singing a folklore while the soldiers are chilling in the forest. The cameo after it was spoiled by Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark became much awaited.

But to everyone’s dismay, when the Game Of Thrones episode featuring Ed Sheeran went live on air it was welcomed with backlash rather than love. Ed is now opening up on the same. Below is everything you should know about it.

As per We Got This Covered, Ed Sheeran spoke about his controversial cameo on Game Of Thrones season 7. “It was great,” he said of the day’s shoot. But the reaction to his cameo weren’t so welcoming. “I feel like people’s reaction to it sort of muddied my joy to it,” he admitted. “I feel like I pissed off a lot of people by being in that, but anytime I meet someone that is like, ‘oh you cameoed on that show,’ I’m like, ‘What would you say?’ Everyone would say yes. I was a fan of the show; they asked me to be in it. I didn’t expect there to be that much backlash but I am definitely more careful when I am offered cameos now.”

However, not just Ed Sheeran, over the 8 season run, Game Of Thrones has seen several big faces from the Industry march into the bandwagon for special appearances. What do you have to say about Ed’s reaction? Let us know in the comments section below.

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