Melisandre AKa Carice Van Houten Was Supposed To Audition For Another Role In Game of Thrones
When Melisandre AKa Carice Van Houten Was Supposed To Play Another Role Game Of Thrones(Pic Credit: Episode Still)

Game of Thrones actress has obtained critical acclamation for their roles in the series. Lena Headey and Carice Van Houten were two of the several actresses who was widely appreciated for their roles in the series. But did you know Carice was supposed to play another role instead of the Red Priestess or Melisandre in the hit series?


Game of Thrones is one of the biggest TV shows globally since its first season premiered in 2011. The HBO series enjoys an immensely loyal fan base throughout the world. The series became a massive breakthrough for all the actors and actresses seen in the series.


During a conversation with Vulture in 2012, Carice Van Houten was asked what was original role she had auditioned for, she replied, “Cersei. I thought the queen would be a great part, and they asked me to audition, but I couldn’t do it, because I was shooting something else. I think it was Intruders, with Clive Owen, and there was no way. I play somebody’s wife in that.” However, later Lena Headey was cast for Cersei and the rest is history.

The Dutch actress landed on the role of Melisandre when the team from the HBO series approached her to audition for the role. She understood that the show was a good project. “I knew it the second I read the script, but now we had proof,” she said to SYFY WIRE. Still, she wondered — was this something she should do? “Apart from the fact that it was well written, I just thought, ‘Is this for me?'”

However, before taking up the role, Carice Van Houten felt that feeling of uncertainty nagging her. So she approached to seek advice from the biggest fantasy fan she knew, Seth Meyers. The report states that Van Houten had dated his brother Josh and spent time with the Meyers family in both the U.S. and Holland and out of everyone she knew, she figured he would be the person to ask.

After the comedian assured that being up for the role was “the coolest thing ever”, Carice Van Houten went for it.

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